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Do Breast Implants Get Old?

There is not a precise determined life span for silicon breast prostheses. There are several different elements that determine the life of these prostheses. Silicone prostheses can also be removed one month after prostheses are implanted depending on the problems that may occur, but they may also be used for a lifetime without any problems.  

What is Capsule Formation?

The human body developes physiological mechanisms focused on protecting itself. One of them is the fact that the body forms a capsule when a foreign substance, unknown to the body, enters the body from outside. The formation of capsules after breast enlargement surgeries is normal and expected. However, some people’s bodies may overreact against an unknown substance taken in, and as a result, the capsule formed may become thicker and harder, starting to damage the object inside it. Capsules occuring around the breast prostheses harden and thicken the prostheses, which leads to chest pains, and when looked from outside, the prostheses become more visible. 

The Capsule Treatment

The Capsule Treatment

The prostheses need not be renewed or removed, if the capsules formed around the breast are in the form of a thin layer, in a shape that would not be visible when looked from outside, and not felt when self-examined by the patient. If there is only a slight stiffness during the manual self-examination and there is no defect in the shape of the breasts, it is useful to follow these capsules at regular intervals.

if the capsule formed around the breast prosthesis is thickened and rough when looked from outside, and causes the patient serious pain, the prostheses should be removed with the capsule, and replaced with newly planned prosthses. 

Can a person have a breast implant surgery after the age of 50?

In silicone prosthesis implants, lower age and upper age limit are calculated separately. Planning for the lower age limit should be made after the age of puberty, after reaching the normal size of the breast. 

There is no upper age limit. If there is no harm in taking anesthesia for the patient and if the person has no health problems, prosthesis can be implanted in every patient regardless of age. 

Do Silicon Breast Implants Lead To Cracks On Skin?

Breast prostheses implanted under normal conditions do not lead to cracks on the breast skin. However, if the breast skin of the person is very thin and inadequate, and if prostheses used are larger than normal and not measured properly, then cracks may be seen. 

Is A Silicon Breast Implants As Soft As A Natural Breast 

Silicone prostheses are divided into two different classes: prostheses filled with gel and water inflated prostheses. The gel-filled prostheses have the texture of a breast tissue that mimics the natural breast tissue

Should I prefer under or over the muscle for breast implants? 

The location of a prosthesis in the breast prosthesis surgery; under the fascia, under the muscles or under the breast, depending on the structure of the breast of the person. If there is not enough breast tissue, breast prostheses should be placed under the muscle or under the fascia. However, the prosthesis can be placed under the breast tissue in people with adequate breast tissue. 

Would there be a senselessness on the tip of the nipples after the surgery? 

After the breast prosthesis surgery, there is no loss of sensation in a successful surgical procedure. If the wrong surgical procedure is applied, the sensation may be lost. But in some cases, the sensitivity may increase slightly due to the pressure made by the prostheses at the bottom of the nipple. 

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