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Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity

This group of patients have already lost their nasal structures natural features and flexibility.especially patients with unilateral cleft they have asymmetric nasal cartilages. İn the cleft side their might be cartilage deficiencies in comparison with the non-cleft side.

In normal circumstances skin and subcutaneous connective tissues, fat tissues, bones and cartilages are organs composed of tissues.however, childreens with cleft lip nose deformity face the following problems:

  • The nose lean towards the cleft side
  • Asymmetry and flattened nostril on the cleft side.
  • Weakness of cartilage tissues located between both nostrils and nose tip tissue that provide the hight of the nose
  • Having breathing problems because of the curvature in the septum cartilage on the cleft side.

For many reasons The Cleft lip nasal deformity is a difficult surgical operation. these reasons:

  • The weakness of the cartilage and bone tissues will be used during the operation
  • The Existence of an abnormal asymmetries that make the surgical operation difficult
  • The need for large number of operations to correct the cleft lip makes the operation more difficult and leads to scar tissues in that area.

For some reasons like this its a surgical operation that require attention and experience. 

When Should Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity Be Corrected?

Cleft lip nasal is a surgical operation can be performed when the child reaches the time and weight to be able to take anesthesia(approximately 3months). The state of cleft side of nose is collapsed for childreens who have Cleft lip nasal deformity. During the cleft lip surgery nostrils can be synchronized by minor intervention.

There might be a lack of growth in the cleft nose side during the child’s growth period. İn these cases more complicated rhinoplasty operation might be required after the growth of child's nose bone and cartilage structures is completed. The growth complete around 18 years old. 

Can The Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity Be Completely Corrected?

This case changes depending on the structures of bones and cartilage situation for the people who have Cleft lip nasal deformity

These people also have symmetry problems due to cartilage tissues weaknesses. In case of weak cartilage tissues we can utilize the septum tissue,ribs or ear tissues to get a symmetrical nose by giving a proper shape to the cartilages.

All information about where the operation will be implemented, type of anesthesia, problems might be faced, recovery period, cost of operation, expected result etc… will be given in detail during the examination. 

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Prof. Dr. Bekir Atik


Cleft lip Nasal Deformity Surgery

Cleft lip nasal operation is more comprehensive operation than the normal rhinoplasty. The congenital cleft lip no matter if it is unilateral or bilateral both way it affects the nose shape. mostly in this operation cartilage grafts are needed. Ear or rib cartilage are used İf needed.it takes more time than the normal rhinoplasty. İt last for about 2-3 hours under the local anesthesia. 

The patient should stay for one night in the hospital after the operation. Splint and tampon will be used as it is in normal nose surgeries and it will be extracted within 5 days. Even if the patient suffer any pains in the first day after surgery he/she can git rid of this pain by taking pain killers. After that the patient will be notified of the advices and instructions he/she needs to follow by doctor in detail. 

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