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The purpose of leg tightening surgery is to fix the deformation of the inner legs and to achieve a proportional body look. In order to achieve a tight and smooth look on the legs, liposuction can also be performed combined with leg tightening operation.

People planning to undergo a Leg Tightening operation should know that the method is not a surgical way to lose weight. The most suitable candidates are patients who are at their ideal weight but are unhappy with the appearance of their legs.

As with all body tightening surgeries, upper and lower leg tighening surgery has become very popular. One of reasons for its popularity is the successful and permanent results achieved by the surgery. For body contouring surgeries, the body should be evaluated as one and the proportional look should be considered. Otherwise, the successful result achieved by the surgery becomes insufficient by time.

The Process Before the Leg Tightening Operation

A detailed physical examination and planning process is initial before leg tightening surgery, all possible affects and results should be shared as well. While some candidates have very little fat tissue, some candidates have excess fat tissue on the inner tights. Therefore, each patient should be evaluated individually and planning should be made accordingly.

There is no specific age limit for leg tightening surgery. The age limit is determined by the person's health status and suitability for surgery. Although sagging on the leg may occur by age, it can also be experienced at very young ages with rapid weight gain and loss. For this reason, anyone who does not have any health problems that prevent surgery can have this surgery. 

Leg Tightening Operation

Patients who will undergo leg tightening surgery , should have some necessary pre-op routine examinations and anesthesia approval. The operation usually takes 1-2 hours under general anesthesia, depending on the severity of the sagging. With the techniques used during the surgery, the sagging skin and excess fat tissue are removed.

After the leg tightening surgery, the patient has a scar, due to the tightening process. This scar remains on the inner leg and fades significantly over time. In this process, it is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations in terms of recovery. 

After Leg Tightening Operation

After leg tightening operation, patients should get out of the bed and start moving and walking as soon as possible.

The drainage device that is placed are removed by the doctor 1 or 2 days after the operation. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a painful operation. The pain can be easily overcome with painkillers. 

After the leg tightening surgery, a corset is dressed and the patient should wear the corset for a few weeks. After the operation, the stitches heal in about 10 days. Keeping the sutured areas moist and protecting them from direct sun exposure during the early recovery period and in the following period is an important criterion for the healing. 

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Prices for Leg Tightening

Leg tightening surgeries are usually combined with different body aesthetic operations. Even the leg tightening operation is the only operation performed during the surgery,the price varies depending on the method to be used, the severity of sagging, and whether liposuction is performed or not. The surgeon should share the necessary information about the procedure with the patient during the examination.  


I want to get rid of the thickness of my thighs with liposuction. Would the skin of my thighs sag after the fat tissue is removed?

The most important criteria are the age and skin structure of the patient. There is no sagging on the skin after the Liposuction procedure in patients with young age and quality skin texture. It is possible to obtain a certain tension on the skin with different liposuction techniques (Vaser, Laser) used in cases where there may be minimal sagging in patients aged 30-40.

However, liposuction alone will not be sufficient in patients with older age and impaired skin elasticity. So liposuction procedure can be combined with lifting. 

Cracks and sagging occurred in my thighs after pregnancy. Is it possible to get rid of the cracked appearance while removing these sagging with thigh lift surgery, or do I need a different procedure for this?

The saggy thigh skin is lifted using different techniques. During this lifting process, cracks can be removed with the excess skin. 

I would like to have tummy tuck and thigh lift operations together. Would the recovery period be difficult for me or is it recommended to do them together?

In cases of sudden weight changes such as excessive weight loss and pregnancy, sagging can be seen in several different parts of the body.

These deformities can be surgically removed individually or in combination, depending on the patient's request and suitability for the procedure. The final decision is made by the patient and the surgeon together. 

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