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Therefore, the necessary pre-operative analysis should be fulfilled completely. If necessary, the patient may be required to be examined by several doctors in different branches before the operation. 

In addition, it is recommended to quit smoking before and after the surgery, since it will cause healing and blood circulation problems. 

What are the Advantages of Mini Face Lift Aesthetics Performed at an Early Time?

The Operation

Mini facelift surgery is a type of surgery that is usually performed on the lower half of the face. During the operation, it is mostly focused on the dormities on sides of the nose and partly the neck.

Incisions are made from the front and behind the ear. First, the facial skin is lifted, then the connective tissue between the skin and the muscles, which is called smas, is lifted and stretched and sutured. The tissue is the most important structure that provides the tightness of the face. Finally, the excess skin is removed and sutured. If the patient has sagging around the jowl area and it contains only skin, excess skin is removed with an incision made under the chin. If there is also excess fat tissue, liposuction can be performed around the area. At the end of the surgery, in addition to the procedures, various fillings can be applied to eliminate volume loss. The fillings can be the patient's own fat or hyaluronic acid fillings.

For mini facelift surgeries, the type of anesthesia can be chosen according to the preference of the patient. It can be performed under general anesthesia, as well as under local anesthesia or sedation. The operation takes 1-3 hours on average.

Who is a Good Candidate for A mini Facelift Operation?

It is possible to make the face younger with smaller touches for the patients who are in the middle age group and do not have too much sagging. Mini facelift is the method most preferred by men and women between the ages of 40-50, who has minimal sagging. Thus, it is an aesthetic surgery intervention that provides both a more natural appearance and a faster recovery period. Mini facelift surgery should not be planned for a person who needs total facelift surgery. In such cases, the patient obtains an unnatural look after the surgery and the facial area shows age differences. The point to be considered here is that mini facelift surgery should not be applied as the first choice for reasons such as economic concerns and minor surgery. Mini facelift surgery should not be planned for a person who needs total facelift surgery. In such cases, it moves away from naturalness and the visual age of the face area shows differences. 

The face area, which is tight and plump earlier periods of life, loses its plumpness with aging and environmental factors and the face starts to sag like other parts of the body. In advanced ages, there is sagging, decrease in subcutaneous fat tissue, relaxation in muscles and resorption in bone structure. In this case, while the skin sags, there is a loss of volume in the protruding areas of the face. In the surgery we call total face lift, the temples, eyelids, forehead, neck and jowl region are intervened. In some cases or at earlier ages, there may be no sagging or loss of volume in the entire face. In particular, there may be wrinkles and sagging in the lower half of the face, the edges of the wings of the nose, which we call nasolabial, and the chin. While manuelly checking, if the skin part can be corrected with light pulling and hanging, mini facelift surgery can be performed. 

Is It possible to have a Revision Facelift surgery?

There is no drawback against having a second facelift surgery. Since the muscle and connective tissues under the skin are removed once during a facelift surgery, adhesions can be seen in these tissues after the surgery. The only risk that the difficulty and duration of the surgery. People who have had face lift surgery before can easily undergo the operation when their skin sags again in advanced ages. 

Postoperative Period

After mini facelift operation, the patient may experience swelling on the face. In order to prevent swelling, it is better to wear a face mask for a few weeks. It is not a painful operation, there is no need for painkillers, except for painkillers that are usually used for a day or two.

Applying ice to the face area, especially on the first day after the procedure, will prevent abnormal swelling and bruising. The person needs to stay at the hospital for one night. The next day, the person can be discharged after the doctor's control. After the 2nd day, the person can take a shower if the bandages are kept dry. 


Due to my sudden weight gain and loss, my face has sagged. I want to have mini facelift surgery, but does this prevent me from using facial expressions?

With a detailed physical examination and careful planning before mini facelift surgery, only the tissue wanted by the patient is lifted. In the case of wrong planning and removal of excess tissue, it is possible to experience mimic loss. 

What are the risks of mini facelift surgery?

The risk of a face-lift is less than the risk of full face-lift because it is performed at an early age. But of course, the mini-facelift has risks arise from surgical intervention and the anesthesia as any other surgery. 

Which kind of Anesthesia is used in mini facelift surgery?

A mini-facelift surgery can be performed under the general or local anesthesia according to the technique used.

How long does it take to reach the final result of the surgery?

It takes about 4-6 months for bruises and edema to disappear after that the patient reaches his/her final result.

A mini-facelift is easier than a full facelift and the pain in the first few days after surgery can be controlled by taking painkillers given by your doctor.

What is the duration of stay in hospital after mini face lift surgery?

The duration of stay in the hospital after a mini-facelift surgery is one night. 

How long does mini face lift operation take?

The mini facelift takes 1 to 3 hours depending on the technique used. 

Are there additional surgeries can be combined with mini face lift surgery?

Some other operations can be performed combined with facelift surgery depending on the patient’s condition. For example, liposuction or fillings may be performed to minimize the wrinkles on the face as much as possible for people who suffer from fat atrophy. 

What should be considered before mini face lift surgery?

Before the operation the patient should inform the doctor about all medications he/she uses, blood thinners medications should be taken under the supervision of the doctor to avoid bleeding problems during the operation. 

Is it possible to delay facial aging?

Some chemical materials are used for face lifting and delay aging but the results of the use of these materials are not as permanent as the results of surgery. 

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