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Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

  • Women who are over the age of 18,
  • have no health issues,
  • have completed breast development,
  • have smaller breast tissues

are the best candidates. 

Furthermore, women who do not have sagging breasts or the level of sagging is not severe, are good candidates for breast augmentation surgery. 

Breast Augmentation Methods

There are two basic breast implants shape:

  • 1.Round
  • 2.Tear Drop 

The size of prostheses varies from 100 cc to 1000 cc.

There is another factor that should be considered : projection of the implants.

What is called Projection? Projection means how far each breast implant extends forward in front of your chest. 

Prostheses are divided into 2 groups according to the material:

  • 1. Saline
  • 2. Silicone

The density of Silicone prostheses may vary depending on the material. 

How is the ideal implant decided?

The most important criteria to decide the ideal implant is the body proportion.

For women, who are smaller in size and have a narrow rib cage, prostheses with a smaller base diame-ter should be preferred to achieve a proportional look.

For women who are larger in size and have a larger rib cage, prostheses with a larger base diameter should be preferred to achieve a proportional look.

The most important issue is the base of the breast. The base of the breast is the area where the prost-hesis is placed. The size of the base varies from women to women.

Whether round or tear drop prostheses are used, the prosthesis should not exceed the area that is cal-led the base of the breast. If the protheses exceed the base of the breast, it may cause an unnatural look on the breasts.

The projection of the prosthesis, can be changed. So, the size can be larger or smaller.

Tear drop prostheses are preferred when the patients have small/less breast tissue. For patients who have sufficient breast tissue, round prostheses are preferred.Despite all the information, the patient and the doctor decide together which type and size of prosthe-sis to be used. 

Where do these prostheses are placed?

Breast implants can be placed in 3 different areas.

  • 1. Submuscular, under the muscle (preferred for the patients who have smaller breast tissue)
  • 2. Subfascial, under the fascia
  • 3. Subglandular, under the breast tissue 

How to prepare for the operation?

After deciding on breast augmentation surgery, the first and most important step is to decide your sur-geon. It should not be forgotten that you will carry out the process with your doctor for a long time after the operation. For this reason, you should find a doctor that you can easily ask all the questions in your mind, get the right answers, and, most importantly, that you can trust.

A detailed physical examination should be done after the surgery has been decided. The prosthesis and size should be chosen according to the size of the breast, the position of the nipples, the proportion of the breast tissue, and the desires of the patient. These decisions can be made easily after the necessary measurements are made.

After all the planning, an appropriate surgery day is determined. Before the operation, the patient sho-uld share some information about the health story such as

Since the blood-thinning medications will cause bleeding problems during and after surgery, the patient stops using these medications as the doctor seems appropriate.

After the necessary analysis and tests are performed and anesthesia approval is taken, the surgery is performed. The operation takes 1-3 hours and the patients stay overnight at the hospital.

Recovery Period After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Prostheses placed under the muscle in breast augmentation surgery are more painful than the other methods. The pain is a result of the replacement of the prosthesis under the muscle. The pain is normal, expected and a temporary condition. The pain will decrease and disappear in the first week after the operation. After breast augmentation surgery, the pain can be taken under control with painkillers easily. The patients do not have much pain, if the painkillers recommended by the doctor is taken regularly for the first 2-3 days.

After breast augmentation surgery, it is necessary to stay at the hospital overnight due to having the surgery under general anesthesia. After the operation, the patient is dressed in a bra garment. Wearing the bra-garment is very beneficial to support the new shape of the breasts for a few weeks. After the first dressing is changed, it is possible to take a shower, following the recommendations of your doctor.

It is better to spend the first week resting to speed up the healing process. Pain, edema, tension, and bruising begin to disappear one week after the operation. The patients can move more comfortably and can quickly return to their daily life. Patients can easily return to office work after a week. However, this process may be longer for patients who work in a more physically challenging jobs. 


How long does breast enlargement surgery take?

Breast augmentation surgery takes 1-3 hours on average. The time can be shortened even further by an experienced physician. 

Will I feel any pain?

The patients whose implant is placed under the muscle experience more pain. The pain that the patient feel is both surgical and pressure pain. The pain is taken under control by strong painkillers on the first day and mild painkillers on the following days. All the pain will subside within the first week. Pain is less in subfascial and subglandular methods. 

Should I get days off from work?

Although it varies from method to method and from patient to patient, you can return to your job after 3-5 days. 

Will I be able to breastfeed after I have a breast implant?

Since the prosthesis is placed under the breast tissue in all three methods of breast augmentation surgeries, there is no problem in breastfeeding. 

Are the breast augmentation surgeons of Istanbul Safe Medical experienced and qualified enough?

Yes 😊 

Are silicone breast implants safe?

Silicone breast prostheses, which have been produced since the 2000s are used safely and without the need to be replaced periodically.

The most effective, permanent, and reliable method for enlarging the breast tissue is breast augmentation surgery using silicone breast prostheses.

Am I going to lose the sensitivity of my nipples after having breast augmentation in Turkey?

Implants can be placed from the incisions that are made around the nipple area, under the nipple and armpit. Even though the nipple sensitivity may decrease if the incisions are made around the nipple area, the nipple sensitivity loss is rarely seen. There is no risk in other methods. 

Is there any side effect of surgery?

There has never been a long-term side effect. 

What are the Risks and Possible Complications of Breast Implants?

There is a small risk of infection and bleeding immediately after surgery. However, these are controllable conditions. Capsule contracture may occur in the long term. 

Is anybody allergic to breast silicone?

Implants are inert products. An allergic reaction is unlikely. 

How often do breast implants need to be replaced?

Every person who decides to have a breast augmentation surgery thinks that the prosthesis should be replaced within 10 years as a result of their research on the internet. However, with the developing technology, the quality of the prostheses have increased. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace the prosthesis in normal conditions.

Apart from that, even if there is no problem, the person may want to change or remove the prosthesis depending on their desire. 

Can sagging breasts be lifted with a prosthesis?

Generally, less than 2 cm sagging can be easily corrected by using a prosthesis. If the nipple is lower than the breast line, a breast lift operation can be combined with the procedure. 

Is the silicone prosthesis felt by hand, does it deform or burst with pressure?

If the breast tissue is not enough, the prosthesis can be felt by touching. However, since the prostheses have the same density as the breast tissue, it feels like natural breast tissue. Since the silicone in the implant is quite dense, they do not deform by touching. 

Do silicone implants cause breast cancer?

In recent years, studies have been conducted on the relevance between a very rare type of lymphoma and breast prosthesis. However, this situation is quite rare. 

Is there any non-surgical method for breast enlargement?

Some hormonal drugs may have an effect on breast growth during adolescence. After the adolescence period, the only method to enlarge the breasts is surgical. 

One of my breasts is normal but one is too small. Can one-sided silicon be placed?

A small asymmetry is normal in the breasts, but if the asymmetry is severe, it is called asymmetric breast, and usually, patients with Poland syndrome suffer from this condition. In this case, a prosthesis can be used only on the smaller breast. 

How common is capsular contracture after breast augmentation?

Our body sees all kinds of implants as foreign objects. It forms a barrier between the prosthesis and the tissues to isolate the prosthesis from the body. This is called a capsule. If this membrane thickens and hardens over time, a condition called capsule contracture occurs. It can cause deformity and pain in the breasts. This situation occurs in approximately 30% of the prostheses in the first year. 

How long does it take for breast implants to settle into place?

Prostheses settle in the place 6 months to 1 year after the operation. 

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