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Nose Filler

The biggest dilemma for people who do not feel satisfied with their nose is that should i have a rhinoplasty or nose filling surgery.for sure the final decision in regard to this topic must be made by an experienced doctor during the examination.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty known as nose filler, which can be done without any surgical intervention in order to change the shape of the nose. Some of the reasons that induce people to choose nose filler are:

It does not require an Anesthesia, no need for splint and tampon and unlike the surgical rhinoplasty it almost does not cause any lividity and swelling.  

In which cases nose filler is applied

Advantages and disadvantages of nose filler

Nose filler job is a process that does not require anesthesia, tampon and splint, surgical intervention, also does not affect patient’s daily life. That’s why the patient can fix his/her own small deformities easily without getting any lividity or swelling.

But in case of serious bone deformities or if there are any breathing problems then the surgical rhinoplasty is the right operation for the patient.

At the same time the used fillers to get the nose its new shape changes from one to another it also remains approximately between 6-12 months. The used fillers get absorbed completely by body as time goes by. However, sometimes allergic reactions, infection and circulatory disorders in nose may occur. 

How nose filler done?

Nose filler does not require any preparations before implementation. No incision or surgical cut will be applied during implementation that’s why no scars will be shown. No anesthesia will be given to the patient and the process can be applied at clinic easily. 

Using the filler injector enough substances will be injected in the required areas. The implementation last between 15-30 minutes and after the implementation there is no need for any recovery period. 

Which materials are used for filling?

The most used material is the hyaluronic acid. the natural existence of this material in the human body makes it the least filling-material that leads to allergic reaction. Also there is a lot of different filling material brands used for this process.

However, adipose tissue can be taken from the patient’s own body and used to give a proper shape to his nose.no allergic reaction will be shown. So it’s safer method but taking adipose tissue require additional process. 

Is the nose filler implementation painful?

Most of the used fillers contain local anesthetic materials, in addition to anesthetic creams and ice will be applied on the area to reduce the pain during the process to minimum. 

Is it possible to do nose filler before the rhinoplasty as an exmaple of the result?

Yes it is possible to do the nose filler implementation that before the rhinoplasty as an example helps the patient to clarify his/her decision either it is negative or positive. However; as we mentioned before, fillers can not fix severe deformities so it can not be done in order to give suggestions in case of severe deformities. 

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