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Neck Lift Surgery

Even if no other changes are made to the face area, stretching a wrinkled or sagging neck can dramatically improve one's appearance; this also helps the patient to look younger. A neck lift helps to restore the balance of facial features by providing a better jawline that frames the rest of the face.

Neck lift aesthetics is an operation aiming to fix and remove the sagging around the neck and the jowl area under the chin.

Neck lift surgery is a procedure performed on people who have wrinkles, sagging and loosening in the neck area due to aging, the effect of gravity, long exposure to sunlight and genetic factors.

Neck lift surgeries can be performed alone or can be cpmbined with other aesthetic operations. Since sagging on the neck skin is mostly due to aging, deformities in other parts of the face can be combined with the surgery. In this way, it is possible to obtain more satisfactory results.

If necessary, fat injections to the face, blepharoplasty and fillers can be combined with face lift. 

Preparation Before Neck Lift

As before any other surgeries, a detailed physical examination by the surgeon is essential before a neck lift surgery. The surgical technique should be explained to the patient in detail by the surgeon. In addition, patients should inform their doctor about the disease they have, the previous surgery, and the medications they use.

People who takes blood thinners and similar drugs should take a break before the surgery for a while under the doctor's control in order to prevent problems such as bleeding during and after the surgery.

As in any operation that requires anesthesia, fasting is required at least 6 hours before the operation. The doctor should inform the patient how long the period should be before and after the surgery.

For neck and face lift surgeries, the age limit depends on the patient’s suitability for the surgery.

Anyone who does not have any health problems that prevent surgery can undergo the surgery.

Since smoking impairs blood flow, to aviod negative affects of smoking, the patient may take a break smoking in order to have a shorter and easier recovery process. For this reason, not smoking before and after the procedure is very important in terms of healing quality.

How is Performed Neck Lift?

Many factors such as aging and gravity, like all tissues, the subcutaneous muscle and fat tissues around the jowl area begin to sag down. During the surgery, the sagging and loose tissues are performed to achieve its former look. Neck lift surgery is performed with incisions starting from the front of the ear, under the earlobe, behind the ear, and then moving into the scalp or incisions made under the chin. Here, loose and reticulated structures and muscle tissue under the skin and on the muscle tissue are tightened by intervening, the skin is stretched to remove the excess skin and to reshape. In this way, a tight skin is achieved not only around the neck but also around the face.In addition, the neck area may look saggy due to excess fat on the jowl. The jowl liposuction procedure performed will lead to significant changes in the appearance of the neck area.

After the operation, tiny drainage devices are placed to prevent blood accumulation. The drainage devices are vital in order to prevent minor bleeding and leaks after the procedure and to maintain the quality of the healing period.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia for an average of 3 hours. 2 hours after the procedure, the patient should eat and get out of the bed as soon as possible. 

After Neck Lift Operation

Drainage devices placed during surgery are usually removed 1-2 days after the surgery. The bandages should stay for one week after the surgery. After the surgery, there may be mild pain that can be tolarated with painkillers.

The healing process of bruises and swellings after surgery is related to the skin structure of the person. It generally lasts for 1 week, then gradually subsides and disappears. Applying ice is recommended for the time recommended by the doctor for the swelling to subside quickly.

Since the scars will be hidden behind the ear after the surgery, they are not very obvious. It becomes almost invisible in a period of 6-12 months.It is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations regarding the medications to be used after the procedure, taking care of the stiches etc. 


How long after will I return to my normal life?

The patients can return to their normal life within 1 week - 10 days after surgery. The bruising and swelling will disappear within 1 week. After the surgery, especially in the first 10 days should not be exposed to direct sunlight. After 2 weeks you can start long walks and after 3 weeks you can start heavy sports. During the first 4 weeks after the operation, sports should be avoided. 

Is a scar left after neck lifting surgery?

There will be no permanent scars after neck lifting. The marks will be under the hair and behind the ear or under the chin. The marks that are visible are only in front of the ear and very short, and in time, the visibility will be significantly lost. 

What are the risks of neck lifting surgery?

There are risks from anesthesia and surgery as well as every surgical operation. Pre-operative analysis and anesthesia examinations are very important in order to prevent possible risks.The risk of post-operative bleeding is not very expected.

However, in order to prevent the risk of hematoma, small drains are placed behind the ears during surgery.In addition, there are rare risks such as infection hair loss, numbness in the scalp. But over time the hair will reappear And the loss of sensation will disappear.

Does it require hospitalization?

Neck lifting is not a heavy operation. The patient may be discharged after resting for a period of time when neck lifting is performed alone. However, if this procedure is accompanied by face lifting or other body surgeries, it is best for the person to stay at least one night in the hospital environment. The length of hospital stay will be determined by the patient's condition and the doctor's evaluation. 

What are the used method in neck lift surgery?

In the classic neck lift technique, the skin and subcutaneous tissues in the neck region in addition to the sagging Smas and plastyma muscles as a result of aging are lifted again by entering through an incision made from the front of the ear to the back of the ear. And removing the excess tissues and sagging skin after the repair of tissues.

If there is excess fat in the chin area, it also gives a sagging appearance to the neck, these excess fat can be removed without any surgical incision by performing liposuction on that area.

Which surgeries can be combined with neck lift surgery?

In addition to the neck sagging, there may be sagging in the face and chin area due to aging. Therefore, neck lifting can be performed alone or its usually performed combined with other face and body lifting operations. 

What is the duration of stay in hospital after neck lift surgery?

When a neck lift is performed under general anesthesia, the patient must stay one night in the hospital. But If the surgery performed under local anesthesia, there is no need to stay in the hospital after the surgery. 

To whom neck lift surgery is performed? is there age limit to undergo the surgery?

Neck lifting is usually performed in conjunction with face lifting. but patients who do not have excessive sagging in the facial region and only complain of the sagging in the the neck region can undergo neck lifting operation alone. people who have clumps on their chin edges, fat and sagging on the neck skin are suitable candidates for neck lifting surgery. Usually its performed for people over 40. 

How long does neck lift surgery take?

Neck lifting surgery takes about 1-2 hours. If there is another operation will be performed combined with neck lifting, this will increase the amount of time the operation will take. 

Is the neck lift surgery’s result permanent?

The aging process continues after neck lifting surgery. Even if the skin is lifted and stretched as the best as possible during the surgery, the aging process cannot be prevented. However, the skin does not return to the preoperative state, The permanence of this surgery’s result differ depending on the techniques used and the skin structure of the patient.  

Is neck lift surgery painful?

Liposuction and neck lifting surgeries are almost painless, in these cases pain is related to the patient's endurance, and even if there was some pains and tension in the first few days after the face and neck lift, this pains can be overcomed by taking painkillers and go away within a few days. 

What happens after neck lifting surgery?

Patients are usually discharged in the next day after surgery, patient can take a shower 2 days after the operation, Sutures are removed at the 10th day. Post-operative swelling and bruises almost disappear within 10 days. 

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