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Nose Reshaping

If the nasal hump in the nose is too much, the nose will have a bent-down shape. If the nasal hump is low, then it might create a nose-shape that is spread to the sides.

People who have an nasal hump and are not happy with their nose, can obtain a nose without an hump with the nasal hump removal surgery.  

The Nasal Hump Removal

The structure and cartilages of the patient’s nose are examined in detail before the surgery.

If the nasal hump is high, cartilages are rasped and made as small as possible.

If the nasal hump is low or incomplete, cartilages taken from other parts of the patient’s body are added to the nose’s structure.

The purpose of this surgery is to create a nose that is smaller and in proportion to the face.

In the nasal hump removal surgery, it is crucial to pay close attention to the measurament for the lifting of the tip of the nose, otherwise the natural structure and apperance of the nose may be damaged.

The surgery is usually carried out under general anesthesia and takes 2 hours on average. However, this duration can be longer if extra operations are required.  

The Period After the Nasal Hump Removal Surgery

The patient stays in the hospital on the night of the operation and may leave the hospital the next day after all checks.

The patient is advised to lay on his/her back while sleeping, so the edema, which might occur after the surgery, can spread evenly over and around the nose.As with every nose surgery, bruising, swelling and mild pain can normally occur after this nose surgery.

These will diminish over time and disappear.If a cast or tampon is used in surgery, they will be removed by the doctor within 4-5 days.

It is recommended to go to the check-ups determined by the doctor. 

What Is the Nasal Hump?

The nasal hump is the most common nose prpblem in our country, especially in the Black Sea Region. When viewed from the side profiles, the prominent curvature or bulge in the back of the nose is called the nasal hump. The structure of the nose hump is composed of bones and cartilages. 

The size and prominence of the hump vary from person to person. The nose tip is usually downward in people with nasal hump noses

How Is An Nasal Hump Fixed?

The only permanent solution for nasal hump is surgical treatment. In the nasal hump removal surgery, the hump is scraped and made smaller in accordance with the whishes and expectations of the patient, and the recommendations of the doctor.Another method for correcting the hump is fillers, but this method is not permanent.

The duration of permanance varies depending on the substance used. This non-surgical and non-anesthetized method for nasal hump provides a temporary solution for patients who avoid surgery.

The Nasal Hump Filling

The nasal hump filling is applied to the bottom and topof the nasal hump and the hump becomes less visible. Filling treatment is a short-lasting and painless method, which results in rapid results.

However, it is not permanent.Although the filling does not give as good results as the surgery, it has become popular in recent years. It is in high demand because it does not require surgical operation and it is more convenient in terms of price.

Does the Nasal Hump Obstruct Breathing?

Breathing problems can occur in people with a bent nasal bone. Unilateral obstruction or obstruction on both sides may occur due to a defect in the nasal bone structure, which may make breathing difficult. 

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