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What are the shape disorders in the jaw region?

Congenital upper or lower jaws are small or curved, misalignment of the face due to underdevelopment is one of the common jaw deformities.

Other problems encountered are traumatic fractures, dislocations, and misfunctions.

One of the most disturbing conditions in patients with jaw deformities is biting problems. This may lead to malnutrition, breathing problems and night snoring. These deformities in the jaw can also cause the person to experience psychological problems.

Patients with such orthodontic problems are referred to the dentists before. However, in patients with severe bite and chewing problems, only orthodontic treatment is not sufficient, and surgical intervention of the jawbones is required. These surgical methods are aesthetic operations that are more comprehensive and have a longer recovery period compared to the jaw tip operations performed for aesthetic reasons only. 

How is the jaw aesthetic surgery performed?

Before the methods to be applied in jaw aesthetics, the problem should be well defined. Therefore, a good physical examination should be done before. This problem can be solved with deficiencies in the anteroposterior region of the jaw region, ie, jaw implant or filler injections when the lower jaw is small and back in profile view.

According to the doctor's preference, general or local anesthesia can be done with a jaw aesthetic operation that takes an average of 45 min - 1 hour.

Prostheses are placed under the chin or in the mouth with the incisions are placed on the appropriate areas created on the jaw. 

Is there a scar after chin aesthetics?

Depending on the technique used during jaw aesthetics, the residual condition may vary. There are several techniques used in these operations. The first is the incisions made through the mouth. These incisions do not show any traces from the outside.

The second method is the incisions made under the chin. In this method, there are traces of faded color that fades in time. Both methods are applied in the surgery of the chin aesthetics.

Although the incisions made by the mouth are generally preferred, incisions made under the chin are used when the neck and glial stretching operations are performed together with the jaw aesthetics operations. 

How is the healing period?

Swelling and pain may occur around the jaw for about a week after aesthetic jaw tip surgery. Temporary loss of sensation may occur in the lower lips. 

The incisions made into the mouth will heal after the first week and the swellings around the jaw will almost completely disappear within 1-2 weeks. 

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What is the recovery period of jaw aesthetics operations?

As the jaw-tip filing operation is done through the mouth, self-melting sutures are used. The person may be discharged on the same day depending on the type of anesthesia. Since the operation is done through the mouth, the patients should be fed with liquid foods for the first 2 days.


Does the jaw aesthetics surgery leave a scar?

In the operation of the chin aesthetics, the traces vary depending on the region to be used in the procedure. Since the incision of the jaw tip is usually used through the mouth, there is no trace after the procedure.

From which areas are the chin-tip implants placed?

The chin-tip implants are placed in the jaw area by the incisions made under the mouth or under the chin. 

Are the implants used in the jaw aesthetic procedure harm to the body or have side effects?

Implants used at the tip of the jaws have no known side effects against the body. However, because of the foreign material placed on the body from outside, the body's reaction to this substance differs from person to person. 

What is the life span of silicones used during the procedure?

Implants placed at the end of the jaw do not develop any reaction by the body and do not need to be replaced if the person does not demand removal.

Is jaw aesthetics a painful procedure?

The procedure can be done by local or general anesthesia according to the person's demand. In general anesthesia, the person does not feel anything. For local anesthesia, only the fine needles used during local applications are felt and there is no pain during the procedure. 

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