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What is Butt Lift?

Excessive weight gain, genetic factors or gravity under the influence of deformation can couse sagging. The aim is to shape and lift the butt, to remove the excess fat in the basins, to trough and to thin the butt . Butt lift operations ,which have a great number of applications in recent years, can be oparated in different methods according to the patient. 

Who are eligible­?

Hip aesthetic procedures can be performed to all patients who are not satisfied with the shape of their butt. Patients often complain that their hip is flattened, low or very wide. 

After Surgery and Healing Process

  • After the operation, it is enough to stay in a hospital for one night.
  • A special corset is worn immediately after the operation. It should be worn for 3-4 weeks to get the best result, to reduce the formation of the corset, edema and swelling.
  • You may have difficulty in moving and also have bruising and pain after a few days of the operation. This is expected and is controlled by oral painkillers.
  • Since all the techniques are not applied to the seating area, there is no problem in sitting. Only during the early period of surgery may be difficult to sit and stand.
  • Post-operative edema and a small amount of bruising is expected. Edema and bruises, will decrease day by day and will disappear completely after the 4th week.
  • There should be no heavy sports activities for the first two weeks after the operation. At the end of the second week all sports activities can be done.
  • There are no sutures due to the use of self-melting sutures during surgery.
  • Bathing can be started from the 3rd day after the operation
  • The post-operative corset should be removed only during bathing for four weeks.
  • The examinations are required after Butt enlargement operation. These are after 1 week, 1 month and 6 months after the operation date.

Butt Lift Surgery

The procedures include butt lifting, reducing the effects of excess weight and age on the inner and outer butts and tightening the skin of the butt. If there is no problem of sagging on the butts of the patient, butt lifting operation can be performed only by liposuction, fat injection or filling methods.

Fat Injections: The process of removing fat with cannula by laser liposuction from the base, the waist, the bottom and outside of the butt. The fat taken from the person is concentrated by special procedures and placed on the upper part of the butt. In this way, the hip gets plumped.

Butt Silicone: Silicone prostheses can be used in cases where the fat on the butt is not sufficient Prostheses are specially designed products for hips. 

Butt Lift: The process of lifting the whole hip area by removing the skin from the bottom of the abdomen and on the top of the hip for the people experiencing weight loss and collapse in the skin. In patients with moderate to good skin quality, it may be sufficient just to inject fat tissue or apply prosthesis.

Butt Shrinkage and Damping: Large hips due to weight gain are shaped by liposuction method, which is removes fat from the hip area. Sometimes a very sagged hip can be surgically removed. Such patients usually are who have lost excess weight. Excessive skin and fat tissue in these hips are surgically removed, the fat mass from the inside is shaped and the suspension process is carried out. 

Can butt enlargement, lift and shaping be performed to men?

Butt enlargement, lift and shaping operations can be performed to men just like women, In particular, men with small buttocks can undergo buttock enlargement operation at certain rates. 


Is it possible for any woman to undergo butt lift surgery?

Any woman who does not have any health problems that prevent her from having the surgery can undergo butt lift surgery.  

What is the brazilian butt lift?

We call the operation of making the upper part of the butt fuller than the midline and looks high and oval the brazilian butt lift

Are the butt implants visable from the outside?

Since butt implants are placed under the muscle, they are not visible from the outside. However, they might be visable for very thin people who do not have enough fat tissue. 

Are there any risks for butt lift surgery?

It does not have much different risks than other surgical operations. But, problems such as displacement of the implant may be encountered due to severe traumas to the implants placed in the butt. 

Will the scars be visible and disturbing?

In case of performing fat injection the scars will not be visable. also in case of placing implant the scars will not be very visable because the intervention is made from an unseen area. 

How long will the results of butt lift last? Is it permanent?

Butt lift results are permanent whether its performed using implants or fat injection method unless the patient gain or loss significant weight. 

When do I get the last result?

Postoperative edema and swelling will occur at a certain rate. These edema and swelling will noticeably reduced within a few weeks but it takes about 3 – 6 months to for the butt to take its last shape. 

Will i be able to sit after butt lift surgery?

There is no problem in sitting since the implants are placed in the upper part of the butt. However, it takes three weeks to move comfortably. 

Will there be unbearable pain after surgery?

Even if you have pain in the first few days after surgery, these pains will be easily overcome with the painkillers recommended by your doctor. 

Butt implants or fat transfer?

Fat and hyaluronic acid can be used to enlarge and plump the butt, However, these may be inconvenient for large magnifications. placing implants is more accurate and reliable in larger magnifications. 

Does fat transfer benefit against sagging and cellulite in the hips?

Biologically, fat tissues increase blood circulation and accelerate metabolism where they are injected. In addition, stem cells contained in fat tissue delay the effects of aging. Therefore, the most accurate cellulite treatment is fat tissue transfer. 

When can I start to do sports after butt lift surgery?

Patient can start walking after15 days after butt lift operation, and can start doing sports after 1.5 - 2 months. 

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