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The Impact of Breast Aesthetics on Breastfeeding

Almost every woman wants to have full and upright breasts, However, sometimes the shape of the breast may not be as desired naturally and sometimes there may be a distortion of the shape of the breast due to aging, certain diseases, births or weight gain. As a result, people apply to various breast surgeries. One of the most frequently asked questions about this issue is whether breast surgeries prevent breastfeeding. 

Breasts Anatomy

Breast tissue consists of milk glands, milk ducts that carry the milk produced to the nipple and the supporting tissues between them. There is no muscle in the breast structure. Just below the breast, there is muscle tissue on the rib and the breast is located on it. Breasts are composed of fat and breast tissue. For this reason, the constant change of fat ratio with weight gain can cause deformities in the shape of the breasts over time. 

Breasts are one of the organs that have undergone the most changes in the female body throughout life. Breast size is related to genetics as well as body fat. The rapid and continuous change of this ratio causes deformities in the appearance of the breasts over time. 

Does Breast Lift Surgery Prevent Breastfeeding?

If there is no reduction in the breast during the breast lifting operation, the breast tissue is not removed during the surgery and the breast is orthogonal to the tissue in itself. In this way, all milk channels are preservedIn some cases, however, it is possible to perform some reduction surgery in addition to breast lifting surgery.

Depending on the size of the reduction process, milk channels carry a small risk. However, if there is going to be breastfeeding after the procedure, there is no problem because the methods of protecting the milk channels are going to be used during the operation. 

Does Breast Reduction Affects Breastfeeding Function?

Breast aesthetics are performed in several different ways. This is decided according to the condition of the breast. Reduction, stitching, enlargement, reduction, and stitching, or enlargement and stitching are breast aesthetics made according to the condition of the breast. The issue of breastfeeding is affected differently in all breast aesthetics.

With the progression of age and entering puberty, the breasts reach a certain size with hormonal factors. Breasts may be larger than they should be due to certain hormonal factors, genetic features or excessive weight gain that occurs during puberty. This may cause neck and back pain, rash and scar formation on the lower breasts and some psychological problems during adolescence.

The milk comes from the milk channels in the breast gland to the nipple and is taken by the baby. Milk ducts which are found in the breast tissue in large amounts end at the nipple.

When it comes to breastfeeding, the women most feared surgery becomes breast reduction surgery. For this reason, the most common questions about breastfeeding imapiringcomes from breast reduction surgery. 

This is the surgery with the highest risk of breastfeeding impairing due to tissue removal during surgery. In breast reduction surgery, the fat tissue usually located around the breast tissue called breast gland is removed and the breast is reduced in this way. However, some breast tissue may also need to be removed. Especially in some women, breast tissue may be larger than adipose tissue, in such cases, it may be necessary to remove breast tissue along with adipose tissue.

As is believed, breast reduction surgery does not prevent breastfeeding. . There is a risk of breastfeeding impairing, but the discourse that breastfeeding function is lost after breast reduction surgery is not correct. Breastfeeding impairing depends on the amount of breast tissue to be taken. Even if a large portion of the breast tissue is removed, re-breastfeeding can be achieved with the milk channels in the gland tissue remaining in the milk channel. Since techniques that protect the milk canals are used during the operation, the operation is terminated with minimal damage to the milk canals. However, because too much tissue will be removed during breast reduction surgery in very large breasts, it is usually more accurate to have this surgery after giving birth. 

Does Breast Augmentation Affects Breastfeeding?

The first question that is asked in the smallest surgical procedure that is thought to be done to the breast is whether the breastfeeding function will be damaged. However, no matter what technique is used in breast augmentation surgery, breastfeeding function is not likely to be damaged.

Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed with silicone prostheses. These prostheses, whether placed under the muscle or under the breast tissue, do not harm the milk ducts in any way and therefore do not affect the breastfeeding function.  

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