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FAQ About Breast Implants

The development of technology and techniques used in cosmetic procedures which made it easier and more comfortable are the most important motives that induce people to undergo cosmetic surgery.

However, breast augmentation surgery takes the first place of the most preferred aesthetic operations by women.

Breast augmentation can be performed in many different ways so women who want to undergo a breast augmentation operation should consult an experienced doctor to make the most appropriate decision in regard to the operation method.

Nowadays breast augmentation surgeries are mostly performed with silicone breast implants because it is a permanent method.

Structural and genetic breast size problems, loss of breast tissue after cancer, or aesthetic concerns arising from a decrease in breast volume following pregnancy are resolved by breast augmentation surgery.

How to determine the appropriate shape of implants for women who want to undergo a breast augmentation operation?

Women who want to undergo breast augmentation should look for a doctor they can trust and experience in this type of operation.

The first thing to do after finding the right doctor is a detailed physical examination. During this examination, breast measurements will be taken, necessary calculations will be made and the shape and size of implants will be decided in the best way that fits the patient.

The final decision about the shape and size of the implant is made jointly by the doctor and the woman. The structure of the woman's breast, body measurements, and the state of the breast’s muscles and tissues are some of the factors that determine the size and shape of the implant to be placed. 

Breast implants should be placed Subglandular or Submuscular?

One of the most questionable things about breast enlargement implants is where the implants will be placed?

Usually and after doing some research on the internet, women believe that placing the implants under the muscles contributes to a natural appearance of the breast. But this option is more about the breast structure of the women.

But placing the breast implants Subglandular does not impair the natural appearance of the breast for women with adequate breast tissue.

Therefore, the right thing to do is leaving the last decision about where to place the implant to the doctor. 

Will be there an obvious scar after breast implant surgery?

Breast implant surgery has the smallest scar among all other breast surgeries.The implant is placed in the breast through a 3 cm surgical incision made in the lower part of the breast. 

Pink scars appear in the first postoperative period and almost disappear completely within 6-12 months. These scars are hardly seen in white women. 

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Will the women be able to breastfeed after breast implant surgery?

Breast implant surgery has no risk in this regard. 

No matter if the implant placed Subglandular or Submuscular both ways doesn't affect the milk glands therefore there won’t be any problem with regard to breastfeeding.

Is breast implant surgery painful?

Pain in breast implant surgery is related to the body structure of the woman and the area where the implant is placed. Post-op pain can be easily controlled with simple painkillers and it's significantly reduced within a day or two.

The cause of the pain is not the incision or suture, but the tension occurred by the placed breast implant on the surrounding tissues.

If the breast implant is placed under the tissue, the pain is less after the operation, but if it is placed under the muscles, there will be more pain, especially during the first two days after the operation. This pain can be minimized by following the doctor's instructions. 

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