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Causes and Prevention of Sagging Breasts

Breasts consist of soft tissues. The thready structures between breast tissue and the chest are keeping the breasts alive. With aging, skin and nipple ligaments have loosening and tend to sag. Breast sagging is an inevitable event over time. In addition to being a physiological event, there are some factors that accelerate this situation. 

Causes of Breast Sagging

Rapid Weight Gain

Breasts are consist of breast tissue called gland and fat tissue. Although there is no change in the size of the gland tissue in cases of rapid weight gain, adipose tissue increases depending on the weight. Fat gain will decrease due to sudden weight loss and will result in skin sagging. 

Big Breasts 

The second factor that causes the breasts to sag is weight. The larger the nozzles, the greater the loosening effect which the gravitational effect creates downwards. When the skin loosens, the breasts hang. 


Another factor in the sagging of the breasts is time. Physiologically, as the age progresses, there is a relaxation and decrease in the connective tissues in the human body. Especially the threads that connect the breast to the chest wall are also composed of connective tissue, thus causing them to loose in time. In addition, the chest skin to lose elasticity leads to the sagging of the breasts even if not large.In addition, certain causes such as hormonal disorders, posture disorders, excessive exposure to sunlight, and long-term causes of breast sagging.  

How to prevent breast sagging?

Over time, the sagging of the body is accompanied by aging, which is the natural sagging of the body. This is a physiological event and cannot be stopped. However, the person's weight control, the exercising actively, regular nutrition, etc. With things like this process can be slowed down. Recently, with the spread of the Internet, people are searching for solutions to this situation which can lead to misunderstandings among the public. These are creams, gels, food etc. used for breast lift. In short, these methods can not be provided with breast uplift, in some cases may even threaten health. Considering all of these, people with chest pains consult with a plastic surgeon to reach appropriate treatment methods and avoid health threatening methods. With a successful breast lift operation, you can get rid of the problem of breast sag. 

What kind of aesthetic problems pregnancy and breastfeeding cause?

Anatomically, two-thirds of the breast is composed of fat tissue. The shape of the breast depends on its size, the amount of fat tissue, the quality of the connective tissue and the elasticity of the skin. In pregnancy, breasts are growing for two reasons. Hormones that growth of breasts Increased amount of fat in breasts due to excess weight in pregnancy. 

For these reasons, it is inevitable that the breasts grow and causes some sagging during pregnancy. The fact that the breasts are already large and weight gain more than normal in pregnancy aggravates the problem.However, breastfeeding has nothing to do with this. Long or short duration of breastfeeding does not cause any change in shape of breasts. 

Can breast sagging be prevented with bra?

The bra has theoretically been used for excessive movement. It may be useful in preventing the reflection of the breasts. But this is not scientifically proven. It is also thought that the breasts are less hanged because of the weight of the chest, not the chest muscles, but also the shoulders. 

Is excessive exposure to sun rays lead to sagging in breasts?

Ultraviolet rays, over time, cause significant loss of water and moisture in the skin and wear down the skin. Over time, this aging causes skin aging and sagging. Therefore, excessive exposure to sunlight may cause sagging in the chest skin. 

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