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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Turkey After Breast Cancer

In this case, although the treatment of cancer ends successfully, the deformations of the breasts affect the psychology of the person significantly. Recently, breast cancer awareness has also increased rapidly in the community, and breast cancer demand for breast reconstruction has been increasing rapidly. 

When Can Breast Reconstruction be Performed?

Before Surgery Period

  • The preparation stage for this surgery is similar to all other breast aesthetic preparation stages.
  • A thorough chest examination is required before the operation. The physician should be informed in detail about all the procedures performed before.
  • Some tests with routine blood tests should be performed preoperatively and checked by the anesthesiologist.
  • There may be some additional tests that the anesthesiologist will ask during the examination and these should be done before the operation.
  • Breast repair operations after breast cancer vary depending on the type of cancer and the amount of tissue taken from the breast. 

Repairment of the Nipples

Nipple and areola reconstruction is a final step that improves the appearance of the breast after a mastectomy and feels better.

Nipple aesthetics is a small surgical intervention that can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. After the end of breast surgery, the planned nipple aesthetics can be made from the tissue in the breast or from the expanding breast skin when the entire tissue is removed.

However, since the nipple repair is done from the breast skin, the nipple and the areola will not be in the former pigmented state will be in their color of the skin. In this case, just after the end of the surgery with the tip of the nipple operation provides a full equality. Breast reconstruction can be performed in almost every woman who has lost her breast due to cancer

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Breast Reconstruction Surgeries After Breast Cancer

  • The first method is the removal of the entire breast tissue in the mastectomies in which the cancerous area was removed, or the oil or filler injections made in order to fill the gap formed in that region. However, if the breast size is still sufficient after the removal of the breast tissue, the equilibrium can be achieved by minimizing the other breast.
  • In cases where the breast tissue is removed but the breast skin and nipple tip is left, the breasts can be synchronized with the replacement prosthesis.
  • The third and most difficult method is full mastectomies, in which breast tissue, skin and nipple are removed. In these cases, the breast skin needs to be expanded. For this purpose, a method called expander is used. The aim here is to bring the skin into the prosthesis by inflating the intact skin. When the skin is enlarged sufficiently, the expander is taken from the prosthesis and the breasts are made equal.
  • Inflatable prostheses other than the Expander can also be implanted with a prosthesis, inflated to the other chest, and the prosthesis stays inside. 

Planning the Surgery 

Reconstruction may be considered after the diagnosis of cancer. After the evaluation of surgery and breast cancer treatment, the plastic surgeon will decide which reconstruction process will be suitable for the person during the examination. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy will improve the image of the person and help to eliminate the psychological problems caused by mastectomy. Breast repair process can be done during breast uptake and if it is not deemed appropriate, it is planned for a certain period after surgery. 

After Breast Reconstruction Period 

  • Postoperative painful period varies depending on the technique of surgery.
  • Only fat or filler operations can be done under local and general anesthesia in a very short time. This process does not need to stay in the hospital, the patient can go home the same day.
  • In addition, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for 1 -2 days depending on the condition of the prosthesis. There will be drains to prevent accumulation of blood inside the surgery. These will be taken after 1-2 days under doctor's control.
  • Normal sensation is not fully achieved in the breasts by reconstruction; however, a certain amount of sense may come in time.
  • Most of the tracks may fade in time. However, this period may be 1-2 years. 
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