The vagina is a reproductive organ functionally. However, since it is the basic symbol of sexuality, it is expected to remain the same as in the young maiden period at every stage of life. Although it varies from culture to culture, it has an ideal view that many people accept. It is a closed structure where the outer lips cover the inner lips. The appearance of this structure is very important in terms of hygiene. Nowadays, with the genital aesthetic (vaginoplasty) it is possible for women to have the ideal vagina appearance they want. Surgical intervention that performs to treat vaginal dilatation which occurs due to certain reasons such as congenital or sexual life, normal birth, weight gain, and loss is called vaginoplasty surgery.

Anatomy of the vagina

The vagina is consists of large lips (Labia Majora) that cover the outside vagina entrance and small lips. With the help of these lips, the vaginal entrance is closed and isolated from the external environment because of the flexible shaped structure of the big lips.

Small lips (Labia Minora) are located under the big lips are which connects with the vagina. Although small lips are structures that protect the entrance to the vagina, they take second place in terms of sexual arousal after the clitoris.

The inner lips consist of three parts, the first one is on top of the clitoris. the second one is at the level of the clitoris in the middle, the third part is at the bottom of the clitoris. These three parts should be evaluated separately during surgery.

Vagina comes after small lips. The inside of the vagina is covered with mucous membranes and contains glands that form wetness and lubricity. There are muscles surrounding the vagina. These are the muscles that expand at birth and tear from time to time. The rupture of these muscles causes expansion and loss of flexibility.

Why is Genital Aesthetic (Vaginoplasty) Surgery Necessary?

Vaginoplasty is necessary for:

  • hormonal changes.
  • giving birth.
  • a weakening of tissues.
  • Genetic factors or age-related changes.
  • deformations in the genital area.

Melting of the cushion structure on the outer lips both distorts the appearance and gives rise to the inner lips.

The inner lips may grow over time and change their color. extended Wet lips may disturb women in terms of hygiene and may also cause aesthetically poor appearance.

In addition, vaginal expansion may occur due to giving birth and sexual activity. When all these are combined, both aesthetic and serious hygiene problems arise.

Pre-Vaginoplasty Surgery

As before every surgery, there are some things that should be done before vaginoplasty surgeries.

First of all, a physical examination is the most important step in planning the operation. During this examination, the patient should share her expectations with the doctor and inform the patient about the operation will be performed in detail.

The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia. It is also possible to perform vaginal narrowing under local anesthesia upon the request of the patient in the operating room.

There are some tests to be performed before the operation. the woman can perform these tests when she comes to the hospital on the day of surgery.

The duration of the operation varies depending on the size of the procedures will be performed. but it takes about 2 hours.

Genital Aesthetic (Vaginoplasty) Surgery

In the genital area operations, vagina, inner lips and outer lips are evaluated simultaneously. The intervention performed where the problem is.

However, intervention is often required in all three regions.

Starting the surgery from the inside to the outside provides ease of operation and is more suitable for planning

  1. In vaginal constriction, the vaginal mucosa is removed. The underlying muscles are repaired, the excess mucosa is removed and suitable tightness and form are given to the vagina.
  2. After that, the excess of the inner lips is removed. The most important thing here is the very good calculation and removal of tissue in the clitoris area. Excessive removal causes the clitoris to open completely and may cause discomfort even if the underwear touches the clitoris… Removing it in small amounts may cause arousal problems as it does not cover the clitoris.
  3. Finally, interventions are made to large lips (Labia majora). The goal here is to give a full appearance to the big lips.

Thus, by covering both inner lips and vaginal entrance, an aesthetic and hygienic environment is provided. Large lips are usually deformed due to size loss. This loss can be corrected by fillers. In this case, the form is obtained either by using the woman’s own fat or by using natural fillers.

Period after surgery

Vaginoplasty surgery is preferably performed under general anesthesia. also, it can be performed under local anesthesia in case the patient prefers it. The patient is discharged one day after the operation. It is not a very painful surgery as it is known.

If vaginal tightening is performed, sexual intercourse is prohibited for 3 weeks. If vaginal tightening is not performed, sexual intercourse is prohibited for 2 weeks. Shower can be taken two days after surgery and short walks help to heal edema.

The patient may be able to return to her work After 3-5 days, depending on the procedures performed. Since dissolvable stitches are used usually, there is no need to remove stitches. The difference between pre- and post-genital aesthetics (vaginoplasty) is noticed after the recovery period is complete.

Costs of Genital Aesthetics (Vaginoplasty)

Vaginoplasty prices differ depending on:

  • procedures to be performed,
  • number of regions,
  • type of anesthesia,

and many other reasons

The doctor will inform the patient about the cost of the surgery Depending on the procedures decided to be performed during the pre-operative examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

According to scientific studies, the first reason for women to undergo vaginoplasty is natural birth giving . After birth, the vagina get wider and becomes more loose. This may adversely affect both the sexual life and the psychology of the women.

Other causes of vaginoplasty are that the vagina is large and wide since birth, or it is possible that the woman is not satisfied with her vagina’s look. This condition can be corrected by vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty surgery increases women’s self-confidence by narrowing and changing the shape of the vagina.

women can have sex after 3 weeks In case vaginal tightening is performed, or after 2 weeks if vaginal tightening is not performed.

It is the operation of repairing the torn hymen. It is not a mandatory operation in terms of health and aesthetics. It is usually performed because of social problems.

hymen can not be closed by itself, but it can be repaired by surgical operation.

It may be a genetic feature or may be caused by aging-related deformities.

The loose or wrinkled vagina lips are filled with fillers or fat tissues taken from the woman herself. Thus, the lips of the vagina have a fuller appearance.

The vagina is an organ that can stretch and expand.  Vagina of women who have vaginoplasty surgery might stretch and get wider again after normal birth-giving, Therefore, vaginoplasty surgery is more effective and have a long-lasting result for women who do not consider giving birth again after surgery.

The patient can return to her work within 3-5 days depending on the performed surgical technique and the recovery rate of the patient.

Contrary to what is common, the patient does not feel severe pain in the period after vaginoplasty. The period after surgery can be skipped easily and without severe pain by following the doctor’s instructions and taking the recommended painkillers.

The difference between the shape of the vagina before and after the operation is noticed after the swelling of the vagina disappears and after the recovery period is complete.

the cost of vaginoplasty determines depending on the following:

  • The technique used
  • procedures to be done
  • Type of anesthesia
  • The hospital in which the operation will be performed at in addition to some other factors

Therefore, the cost of the operation can not be determined before examining the patient.

All interventions in the vaginal genital area, inner and outer labia of the vagina and the clitoris are called Genital Aesthetics.

vaginoplasty surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia according to the request of the patient.

Even though vaginoplasty is a simple operation, it still has some risks associated with surgery and anesthesia as any other surgery. Those risks are:



Pain during sexual intercourse might occur as a result of an excessive tightening of the vagina during surgery.

Giving birth more than once after vagina tightening surgery may lead to loose in the vagina’s muscles, for this reason, its recommended to perform this surgery after giving birth.

It is not necessary to remove the suture used in the vaginal tightening surgery because its absorbable sutures dissolve by itself.