Patient Testimonials

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Breast Reduction and Lifting


I am a very lucky lady, March 2015 I was travelling in Nepal, i saw the amazing ancient cities around Katmandu and experienced the old city life just three weeks before a huge magnitude earthquake all but tore the place down!
I have been very lucky in many aspects of my life ( so far, God willing) and
my medical soirée to Istanbul in search of eternal youth ( facial rejuvenation, almost necessary in order to continue working without prejudice of old ageism these days) was another pure stroke of luck!
I did not wish to be involved with a huge, money focused medical tourist company ( there are many of them advertising with big glossy ads on google) and as an insider in the health industry for most of my life ( I am an extensively experienced Operating Room ( theatre) nurse i wanted to find the right ‘package’ or in my case ( as i arranged my own trip mainly), i did manage a beach, boat and town trip on the lesser touristic Asian side of Istanbul but even so i was invested in finding the right surgeon! I was not interested to come out of surgery looking ‘plastic fantastic’, Barbie doll or Hollywood glamour queen, merely more like a somewhat refreshed, less war torn, less stressed version of myself!
Whilst i was obviously not 100% certain of what i was letting myself in for i did my research and chose to hand the job over to Doctor, sorry, Professor Bekir Atik, Istanbul Safe Medical and his team. Initially i e-mailed my questions and then flipped to WhatsApp to request the information i needed, speaking all the time to the same individual, a young but sensitive man with excellent English speaking skills ( possibly because he has an English teaching wife keeping him on his toes)!
Anyhow i decided to go ahead with my self upgrade and took the advice Tarek gave me with regard to flights, hotels (and pre, post tours available if desired) within the vicinity of the Hospital and beyond.
The hotel ( Miracle Istanbul Asia) was perfectly situated, five star, clean, quiet and only a five minute walk to the Viaport shopping outlet ( i visited several times having developed a passion for Simit bread rings and turkish tea).
The day of surgery and i was nervous, more nervous than i’d anticipated, i even considered running away but the morning passed and i saw the anaesthetist ( sleep doctor), ran through a second set of Lab tests (i did one previously) and when the bright, totally delightful lady came to collect me for OR i thought, Ok i like her and so i obediently hopped onto her OR stretcher.Two floors up in the elevator and i arrived in the familiar OR setting and was immediately greeted by the scrub nurse assistant Neshilan who had been guiding me through the hospital admission process, she waved at me and introduced the young female anaesthesia technician now standing by the side of my stretcher, i didn’t have much time to remonstrate or even say hi as she hit me hard with the ten millilitres of clear fluid ( i think i heard Dormicum) held in the syringe in her hand…and that was it… all over! I woke up to the sound of the surgeons voice calling my name, at least i eventually woke up as i was kind of annoyed that somebody would tweak my chin ( we do this🙈) and i remember trying to show my utmost disapproval by attempting to frown!😂
The ward nurses, cleaning staff, the lady who served the meals and who tut tutted when she thought that i hadn’t eaten enough were awesome, the night nurse even giving me part of her own night time snack supply ( i am endeared to her, she was so kind) when i needed to eat after an episode of post operative nausea and vomiting ( i always vomit post operatively, despite the anti- emetics, aka anti- sickness drugs). Surgical outcome was somewhat unexpected as i clearly remember giving the surgeon ‘carte blanche’ to do as he saw fit ( i believe in giving a man a job and then allowing him to do it without micro- managing) and thank fully he did! He is an artist, a professional but also personable, friendly and easy to talk to, i cannot believe the difference he has made to my appearance even at this early stage of recovery! I am so lucky to have found Professor Bekir Atik and his team,
I thoroughly and sincerely recommend them!
Keep up the good work guys, you are truely a Turkish delight😊

J.M.S. – Full Facelift

I could return to my daily life after the tummy tuck and liposuction operations performed to me by Porfessor Bekir Atik the operations result were beyond my expectations. I would like to thank my dear doctor and his team.

A.H. – Tummy Tuck / Liposuction

Professor Bekir performed a revision rhinoplasty to me, it was my my 3rd rhinoplasty, doctors could not give me the result i want in my previous rhinoplasty operations.finally i got the exact nose i always wanted thanks to professor Bekir. Thats why i would like to thank Dr. Bekir and his team.

D.B. - Revision Rhinoplasty

I had caesarean section 2 times before. That’s why deformation in my abdomen was too much and i was unable to wear the clothes i want. Professor Bekir gave me the straight abdomen i wanted by performing a tummy tuck and liposuction operations to me. The doctor concern and being in touch after the operation are one of the most important things for a patient. I recommend you to all people around me. Thanks for everything.

N.S. – Tummy Tuck / Liposuction

I started researching the moment my baby borned with one ear. I heard that Professor Bekir is one of the best surgeons in this field so i contacted him. When my baby reached the 5 years old he had his surgery and now he has a completely natural-looking ear without any hearing problems. Endless thanks to Professor Bekir for his communication with the baby and for the trust he gave us.

Günsel family – Anotia microtia

I have been obsessed with my physical appearance through all my life. I have tried many different methods to look beautiful. Due to my fear of having surgery I tried a lot of ways to enlarge my small breasts like creams, massage and gel but none of them worked. In the end I decided to overcome my fear and have a breast augmentation surgery. I’ve visited many doctors but doctor Bekir was the most trustful one his speeches were realistic. I had my breast augmentation surgery and i am so happy now. Thanks to you and your team Professor Bekir.

A.I. – Breast augmentation

I am 52 years old theater actress I used to have fillers by Professor Bekir due to my scenes but in the end I decided to have a permanent solution. Face lifting is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries. I am already Professor Bekir’s patient for years so I decided to have a face lift without any hesitation and the result was over my expectations. Thank you for everything I wish you continued your success.

N.M. – Face Lifting

My Breast lifting and rhinoplasty operations both were performed by Professor Bekir and i am very satisfied with the results. Professor Bekir is a doctor who takes care of his patients personally and can be reached very easily.Thanks for everything.

B.Y. – Breast lifting / Rhinoplasty

I contacted Professor Bekir Atik by a recommendation. I had not any communication problem with Doctor Bekir all along the process. I could reach him easily whenever I needed him. Despite all my stress before the surgery, the result I obtained made me very happy. Everything ended up as I wanted.
Professor Bekir is very concern about his patient and a reliable doctor. He is a professional doctor firstly listens and understands his patient. I recommend Professor Bekir to all who are looking for a plastic surgeon.

A.K. - Breast Asymmetry
I found Professor Bekir on the internet. The interest, sincerity and approach of Doctor Bey throughout the whole process were perfect. Finding and having my operation by doctor Bekir was a matter of luck for me. I did not have any problem with him or his team.
Doctor Bekir carried out all my requests and expectations. I recommend Dr.Bekir to everyone without any hesitation. Above all he is very cheerful and genial, I saw his success in his profession in my surgery, if I were going to have a surgery again I would have it by doctor Bekir.
S.U. – Rhinoplasty

The change in my genital area after normal birth greatly affected my confidence and therefore my sexual life and I started researching. At the end of my long research, I met Dr. Bekir Atik and I had my surgery. As a result of interventions in both the inner and outer parts of my genital area, I obtained an unbelievable result. Post-op was easier than i expected. I recommend doctor Bekir Atik to all women who feels unconfident and afraid of sexual intercourse. There is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of in this regard. Be sure you will be very happy.

M.T. - Vaginoplasty

I contacted Professor Bekir Atik by a recommendation. His interest and communication throughout the process gave me trust. Eye Bags removal operation with local anesthesia could not be more safe and pleasant. Surgery met all my expectations. I can even say that Prof.Bekir was born as a doctor.

G.A. – Eye Bags Surgery

I reached Professor Bekir through his videos I watched on the internet. He showed a lot of interest during the whole process. There was not any problem in communication also he gave me the exact result i wanted. I would like to thank him and his team.

F.U. – Otoplasty

I contacted Professor Bekir via internet, communication was very nice, he answerd all our questions without getting bored. I didnt face any problem during the whole process. Operation result was above my expectations and I will recommend Doctor Bekir to all people around me. Fortunately there is such a doctor. Thanks a lot to our doctor and wish you success in your career.

M.Y. - Lip Cancer

I have reached Dr.Bekir through his website. He is a very active person. He answered all of my questions immediately during the treatment process. My surgery was very comfortable. The result was exactly as i wanted. I recommend doctor Bekir to my friends and everyone, he is very concered and good at his work. I am very thankful to him.

R.K. - Blepharoplasty

I had a big dark coffee birthmark above my left eyebrow. When I went to Doctor Bekir for examination, I decided to treat my birthmark. He explained to me all the methods can be performed and we started with the balloon-implanting method. It took about two months. The result was much better than i expected and i was able to reach Dr.Bekir every single moment i wanted to during the whole process that last for 2 months, Also Team-mates in the office were so polite and show a lot of interest.

H.T. - Birthmark

Me and my wife came from abroad and we had our surgery here. The concern and interest here are not found abroad. All examinations were carried out with great care and all our desires were fulfilled immediately. because of my fear for surgery they did everything to make me feel comfortable in the operation room. Professor Bekir and his team took a good care of us. Doctor Bekir came to the hospital in the middle of the night for us. Nurses were genial and very caring.Thanks for everything.

E.G. - Rhinoplasty

I reached Dr.Bekir while i was doing research on the internet.he and his team were very attentive. And we were very pleased, God bless our doctor.

B.U. – Cleft Lip
I found doctor Bekir on the internet. He provided me an effective communication either face-to-face or over the phone for every question I wanted to ask. I am still in my 3rd day now even though I am very happy with the result. I recommend Dr.Bekir to everyone. He gave me confidence in all situations i felt nervous about before and after the operation which made me feel so comfortable. İ would like to thank him for his interest and success in this surgery hundreds of times. He is a doctor you can trust with your eyes closed.
N.H – Tummy Tuck

Dr.Bekir was recommended to me by a friend. I made an appoinment and met with him. He explained to me everything in detail. He was very interested since the examination phase. I didn’t have any problem reaching him whenever i had a question. He planned the surgery according to my desire and the result met all my expectations. I have completed this process without having any problems.Thanks to you Professor Bekir.

D.E. - Rhinoplasty

A friend of mine had surgery last year. I reached him through my friend. The surgeon is very experienced and has very good communication with the patient. I shared all my worries, and it always calmed me down and gave me morale. It’s my 9th day after surgery and I’m glad. I am grateful to our surgeon who corrected my innate breast asymmetry problem in the best way. I would like to thank both the surgeon and his assistant Neslihan. They were always helpful and answered all my questions sincerely. I was able to reach them anytime I wanted.

A. B. - Breast Augmentation / Lifting / Asymmetry

I found him online. I’ve reached them whenever I needed it. They were there for me. The surgery met my expectations. I have preferred him because of the posts he shared on the internet are extremely explanatory. When I first was examined, thanks to the sincere and relaxing attitude of my surgeon Bekir, I was sure that I was in the right place.

Z.G. - Abdominal Stretching / Vaginoplasty

I reached Doctor Bekir through a friend. Communication was great. He completely removed the question marks and fears in my mind and instilled incredible confidence in me. He was the biggest supporter of me in achieving my dreams, I believed in him and after 3 days I am standing and happy.

F. K. - Whole Body Stretching

A friend of mine recommended Doctor Bekir. He was very helpful from the beginning to the end of the process. The doctor and his team were extremely supportive and friendly. I would also like to thank Mrs. Neslihan. The surgery was better than I expected. I am very pleased with my choice as he helped me to get my dream look.

H.B. - Breast Augmentation

I reached Professor Dr. Bekir Atik online. The communication with Doctor Bekir throughout the process was excellent. I had no problems. The surgery met my expectations. On my first appointment, he answered all my questions and questions that I didn’t have in mind in a very clear language. I am glad to get to know Mr. Bekir. I am very lucky.

S. B. - Abdominal Stretching / Breast Lift / Arm Lift / Leg Lift / Butt Lift