Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lift

The first signs of aging occur on the face. It is possible to make the face more tense with smaller interventions for the patients in the middle age group who do not have too much sagging.

This surgery, which is called a mini facelift, is the most preferred method for women and men between the ages of 40 and 60 with relatively less sagging. This results in both a more natural look and a faster recovery period.

How is Mini Face Lift Surgery Performed?

This operation requires fewer interventıons when compared to the other face lifting surgeries, therefore the problems that may occur after the surgery such as scars, bleeding, and swelling are minimized.

This method removes the signs of aging at an early age.

For the middle-aged people, time, gravity, smoking, stress may cause early aging effects. These effects include Falling eyebrows, bagging in the upper and lower eyelids, slipping of the fat pads on the cheekbones, and deepening of the grooves.

  • The fat pads and soft tissues of the sagging face, which have been displaced under the skin, are brought up to the place where they should be and are fixed there with the help of the sutures.
  • Removed facial skin is pulled upwards instead of sideways as in conventional methods. Therefore, more natural results are obtained.
  • In the same session, fat in the neck area can be removed with liposuction. Sagging can also be removed with the help of sutures.
  • The surgery takes 2.5 hours on average. The method of local anesthesia can be used as well as general anesthesia in case of an eye bag removal, and facial fat injection

Who is suitable for the surgery?

This method is suitable for people who have lost their old aesthetic appearance over time and have a partially sagged skin over time due to fat and tissue loss. Although there is not an absolute age range, it is usually preferred the ages between 40-50 is the most suitable ages for the surgery. It is not necessary to wait until the age of 60, in which the face shows signs of severe sagging, to have facelift surgery.

Advantages of Mini Face Lift Surgery in Early Ages

  • The existing sagging and problems in the skin can be resolved by a method that is shorter and less noticeable.
  • The postoperative swelling and bruises are much less visible than the classical facelift and the recovery period is much more comfortable.
  • Because it is made at an earlier age, it will be easier to heal the wound without losing the quality of the skin.
  • The postoperative facial appearance will be noticeable and will be much more natural and will not lose facial expression.


Due to my sudden weight gain and loss, my face has sagged. I want to have mini facelift surgery, but does this prevent me from using facial expressions?

With a detailed physical examination and careful planning before mini facelift surgery, only the tissue wanted by the patient is lifted. In the case of wrong planning and removal of excess tissue, it is possible to experience mimic loss.

How long is the permanence of mini facelift surgery? If not permanent, what should I do to increase permanence?

Mini facelift surgery does not stop the aging process, it only regresses it. The patient should be aware that wrinkles may occur again within the normal aging process. However, with simple procedures that do not require surgery such as filling and Botox in the postoperative period, permanence can be increased over time.

Would any scars form on my face after the mini facelift surgery?

Mini facelift surgery is performed using incisions made in front of the ear. The scars of the incisions disappear over time.

What are the risks of mini facelift surgery?

The risk of a face-lift is less than the risk of full face-lift because it is performed at an early age. But of course, the mini-facelift has risks arise from surgical intervention and the anesthesia as any other surgery.

Which kind of Anesthesia is used in mini facelift surgery?

A mini-facelift surgery can be performed under the general or local anesthesia according to the technique used.

How long does it take to reach the final result of the surgery?

It takes about 4-6 months for bruises and edema to disappear after that the patient reaches his/her final result.

A mini-facelift is easier than a full facelift and the pain in the first few days after surgery can be controlled by taking painkillers given by your doctor.

What is the duration of stay in hospital after mini face lift surgery?

The duration of stay in the hospital after a mini-facelift surgery is one night.

How long does mini face lift operation take?

The mini facelift takes 1 to 3 hours depending on the technique used.

Are there additional surgeries can be combined with mini face lift surgery?

Some other operations can be performed combined with facelift surgery depending on the patient’s condition. For example, liposuction or fillings may be performed to minimize the wrinkles on the face as much as possible for people who suffer from fat atrophy.

What should be considered before mini face lift surgery?

Before the operation the patient should inform the doctor about all medications he/she uses, blood thinners medications should be taken under the supervision of the doctor to avoid bleeding problems during the operation.

Is it possible to delay facial aging?

Some chemical materials are used for face lifting and delay aging but the results of the use of these materials are not as permanent as the results of surgery.

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