Mini Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck)

No matter how slim a person is, dropping breasts and loosen abdomen disrupts the aesthetic appearance of the body. The fact is the weight obtained by the other parts of the body causes more lubrication in the abdomen, and even if this weight is lost, the skin does not completely collect itself due to excessive stretching which leads to sagging.

In such cases, mini abdominal surgery eliminates problems. Mini Abdominoplasty operation is an operation involving the removal of adipose tissue and excess abdominal wall muscles in the abdomen.

A Mini Abdominoplasty can also be used in patients who do not have excessive sagging and only in the lower part of the lower lobe.

What are the causes of sagging in the abdomen?

Due to excessive stretching of the skin and the cracks occurring during pregnancy, the skin does not return to its old tension even if the pregnancy ends. And also;

  • Cracking and sagging of the skin due to rapid weight loss after stomach reduction surgery,
  • Rapid weight gain or loss,
  • Inactive Lifestyle,
  • Cracks and sags can be occurred due to improper use in treatment or drugs.

Who can have the Mini Abdominal Surgery?

The patients with sagging in the abdominal area despite their low weight are suitable for mini abdominal surgery. In addition, mini-abdominoplasty can be performed in patients with sagging only in the lower part of the abdominal region. Another advantage of this operation is that it does not touch the belly button and does not have to redo the belly button again.

How is Mini Abdominal Surgery Performed?

Mini Abdominal surgery is a simpler operation than total abdominal surgery. In the operation, the location of the belly button does not change and the incision around the belly is shorter than the conventional abdominoplasty surgery.

The area to be removed before surgery is determined by the surgeon and the corresponding drawings are made.

During surgery, the excess skin remaining in the lower abdomen is surgically removed and this area is closed properly.

After Mini Abdominal Surgery Period

  • Compared to the conventional abdominal surgery, the recovery process of the mini abdominal surgery is faster.
  • After surgery, the patient may be discharged on the same day after staying in the hospital for a certain period of time. Interventions to the muscles may require a hospital stay for at least one day.
  • The patients can start walking on the same day as the surgery. Within 2-3 days, active walking is achieved. Return to work usually takes 1 week.
  • It is also more advantageous to look due to fewer traces than total abdominal surgery.
  • The patient can return to her daily life in a shorter period of time because less abdominal skin will be removed than total abdominal surgery.
  • Surgical scars disappear within 3-6 weeks and become very less visible within 6-9 months.