Liposuction is the removal of the fat accumulated in certain parts of the body using thin cannulas and it is one of the most used cosmetic surgical methods all over the world.

Liposuction is the best-known method for regional thinning.  the most preferred liposuction techniques by plastic surgeons in our days are Classical, Ultrasonic, Vaser and Laser Liposuction techniques. Liposuction is a body shaping operation rather than a weight-loss operation.

Body shaping can be done by transferring all the fat tissue taken in the same session to the required parts of the body.

To whom liposuction can be performed?

Like any other surgical operation, a specialist doctor’s opinion and detailed physical examination are required for liposuction. Liposuction is not a weight-loss method, it is an operation provides regional thinning and body shaping.

If there is an excessive weight problem besides regional fats, it is better to get rid of the excessive weight by following a controlled diet and sports program after that patient can undergo a liposuction surgery to get rid of the regional fats.

Liposuction can be performed to non-pregnant women, women who didn’t give birth recently and anyone who doesn’t have health problems that prevent him/her from undergoing the operation. However, heart disease, diabetes and so on. risk factors should be determined by doing some tests before performing liposuction to people with systemic health problems and necessary precautions should be taken against situations that may cause danger.

Even though age does not constitute an obstacle to undergo liposuction, due to the age-related loss of skin elasticity. some additional procedures might be performed beside liposuction when performing liposuction to old people.

How is liposuction surgery performed?

Liposuction surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation or under general anesthesia in the operating room.

2-4 mm incisions are made from the natural folded skin areas where the marked areas can be reached. First of all, a specially prepared liquid is given to the fat tissue through these small incisions.

This liquid helps to reduce bleeding and reduce pain after the operation due to the pain killers contained in it. Fat cells are taken out of the body using thin cannulas.

If body shaping procedure will be performed beside liposuction, we perform some special procedures on the extracted fat and transfer it to the required areas.

At the end of the surgery, the incisions are left opened or closed with simple stitches. The surgery is finalized by dressing a corset to the patient.

  1. Infrasonic Liposuction

It is an innovation provided by plastic surgeons with the advancing technology of ultrasonic liposuction. Classical liposuction cannulae with back and forth movement of the subcutaneous fats with vacuum power. Infrasonic liposuction cannulas, both by moving around themselves and back and forth with the vibration motion created by the subcutaneous fat more regular and makes the movement of the scan provide.

Advantages of Infrasonic Liposuction;

  • Minimizes damage to tissue as it absorbs fat with vibration movement
  • Vibration movement allows more controlled fat removal
  • More comfortable for the doctor as the cannula moves back and forth and around itself
  • The patient returns to his/her daily activities more quickly.
  • The risk of fluctuation after the operation is minimal due to the removal of larger fat tissue each time by vibration movements.
  1. Vaser liposuction

Various methods of liposuction have been found with the development and advancement of technology. The aim of these different methods is to raise the quality of the liposuction operation and obtain better results.

One of these methods is Vaser Liposuction, which is performed by liquefying the fat cells using ultrasound and breaking up the connective tissue between them, this way the resulting fat tissue is easily removed with the help of aspirator.

What are the advantages of Vaser Liposuction?

Liposuction procedures performed in advanced ages may cause some sagging in the skin due to the excess amount of fat removal. Therefore, tummy tuck and the like procedures are performed beside liposuction usually.

However, due to the use of ultrasonic waves in Vaser Liposuction, some tightening of the skin is achieved by affecting ultrasonic waves on the collagen in the skin. also, six-pack muscles and some other desired sportive body lines can be carved out for some patients using the Vaser device.

How much fat can be removed?

Firstly liposuction is not a weight-loss method it is a method of shaping the body.

The amount of fat that can be removed differ depending on several factors which are:

  • weight of patient
  • skin tissue
  • the area where liposuction will be performed
  • patient age

and some other factors.

The maximum amount of fat to be removed in liposuction surgery is 5-6 kilos. if liposuction surgery performed as a weight-loss method and too much fat is removed, this can lead to serious complications.

While removing 3 kilos of fat from one person will be enough, removing 6 kilos from another person may not be enough. This means that the amount of fat to be removed in liposuction surgery differs from person to another.

What is the healing process after surgery?

The patient may be discharged from the hospital on the same day if liposuction is performed on a small area, but if liposuction is performed on a large area and a large amount of fat is removed, the patient may have to stay in the hospital for one night.

Fluid leakage on the first day of liposuction is normal. Patients can take a bath after 2 days of liposuction surgery. It is recommended to use the liposuction corset day and night for the first three weeks. After liposuction, it is normal to have mild swelling and pain that can be controlled by painkillers. Most of the edema fade at the end of the second month. It may take 6 months – 1 year for the body to take its final shape. People around you will easily see the difference before and after liposuction surgery.

Cost of liposuction

cost of liposuction varies depending on:

  • the amount of fat to be taken
  • Number of areas where liposuction will be performed
  • patient weight
  • procedures will be performed beside liposuction
  • type of anesthesia
  • conditions of the hospital.

and some other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

A good candidate for liposuction is defined as any person who has realistic expectations, is in good health and is likely to be happy with the results of liposuction. Although surgery can often provide very substantial improvements, it is rare for liposuction results to be absolutely perfect.

After surgery, the new body’s shape is permanent. If a patient does gain a significant amount of weight after surgery, then the figure will simply be a larger version of the new body shape. Fat cells that are removed by liposuction do not grow back.

The most commonly treated areas for women are;

  • the abdomen,
  • breasts,
  • hips,
  • outer thighs,
  • anterior thighs,
  • inner thighs,
  • knees,
  • arms,
  • buttocks,
  • cheeks and neck.

In men, who comprise about 15% to 25% of liposuction patients, the most frequently treated areas include the chin and neck area, abdomen, flanks, and breasts.

 In the first 3 weeks after the surgery, the patient must use either an elasticated support corset or bandages for the surgical area.

After surgery, there might be some bruising and swelling but they will decrease and disappear by time.

The first day after surgery, liquid leakage from the operating holes is normal, patients can have a bath after 2 days.

Most of the edema decreases at the end of the second month.

It can take from 6 months to 1 year to get the desired shape of the body after the surgery.

Liposuction is not a good treatment of obesity. Liposuction is not effective, even as a last resort, for people who are unable to lose weight by dieting and exercise.

It is not an overall weight-loss technique and a cure for obesity.

Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery that breaks up and “sucks” fat from the body. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a plastic surgery designed to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. In some cases, abdominoplasty surgery may include liposuction.

The fat cells are removed permanently by liposuction. But patients can gain weight again after the surgery if they did not follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Liposuction is cosmetic surgery so most of the health insurance don’t cover it. For more detailed information you can contact your health insurance company.

Liposuction is not a slimming method but a body shaping technique. Regional fat is taken with liposuction that’s why it is the best regional body shaping method.

The amount of fat to be taken with liposuction varies according to the patient’s weight, skin tissue, areas performed on and many other factors. The maximum amount of fat to be extracted with liposuction is 5-6 kilos.

The corset recommended by the doctor should be worn day and night for the first 3 weeks after a liposuction operation.

The difference between before and after liposuction starts to be clear right after the surgery, but it may take 6-12 months to obtain the desired body shape.

The cost of liposuction differs depending on the area performed on, the amount of fat to be extracted, the weight of the patient, the anesthesia to be applied during the operation and many other factors.

With developing technology, the existing systems and application methods are developing day by day. Liposuction is one of the most developed techniques and it has many methods. Vaser device is one of the most advanced methods of liposuction in our day. With the Vaser liposuction device, the fat cells are liquefied with the help of ultrasonic waves and the liquefied fat cells are vacuumed and removed from the body.

Even the smallest surgery has risks. However, when the liposuction is performed to the right patient by an experienced doctor, the complication rate is very low and very good results are obtained.

Those who have liposuction surgery share their real experiences via social media and internet forums, Since these experiences are written according to the writer’s own expectations and desires, they do not reflect purely objective truth. Each person’s skin elasticity, resistant area, the amount of fat to be removed is different, and since liposuction is a personalized surgery, the most reliable information about before and after the operation is provided by the doctor who examines the patient.

The liposuction can optionally be performed under general or local anesthesia. Due to numbing the area liposuction will be performed on, there won’t be any pain felt during the operation. Since the cannulas used in liposuction are very thin, there is no need to make very large incisions during liposuction surgery. There may be minor pain and aches for a few days after liposuction, but these pain and aches can be easily handled with painkillers.

First of all, liposuction is not a weight loss surgery but a regional thinning technique. people who are suitable for liposuction surgery, have good elasticity of the skin and do not have excess weight should remember that after liposuction, there is a possibility of getting fat again in the same areas that liposuction performed over.  The nutritional plan will be explained to the patient in detail by the doctor after liposuction surgery, However, people who have not adopted the philosophy of healthy eating and active life can get help from a dietician and sports consultant after liposuction.

Following a diet after liposuction or at least a healthy and balanced Nutrition with doing light exercise every day leads to very satisfying and permanent results. If weight gain occurs after liposuction, the effect of liposuction will be reduced depending on the amount of weight gained.

Liposuction is not a technique that can be performed to everyone and It gives positive results especially for those with regional fatness. Liposuction should be performed by an experienced doctor. Because if an equal amount of fat is not removed from each point of the fat area or if the size of the cannula didn’t adjust well and more importantly if the individual differences are not taken into consideration depending on the distribution of fat tissue, inequalities in the area may occur after liposuction. That’s, why the amount of fat should be extracted from the area, must be calculated well and should be extracted in a way that equalizes the area.

When deciding to have liposuction surgery, the patient may request to see the photos of before and after liposuction surgery performed by the doctor. Liposuction before and after photos are forbidden to be shared on the internet and social media in Turkey but before and after photos can be shown by the doctor on the request of the patient during the examination.

The most ideal patient for liposuction are patients with good skin elasticity. To prevent sagging and deformation of the skin after liposuction surgery, a maximum of 5-6 kg of fat tissue should be removed in one session. if too much fat cells are not removed during liposuction surgery and skin elasticity of the patient is good sagging is not expected after surgery.

If liposuction is performed as a weight loss surgery and excess fat is removed from the patient, this may cause sagging and serious complications.

Liposuction operation is the process of removing excess fats locally. Other interventions can be performed in different parts of the body during this operation. Abdominoplasty and breast aesthetics can be combined with liposuction.

Liquefying the fat cells with the help of ultrasonic waves and removing the liquefied fat cells by taking it outside the body using  aspirator system is called Vaser Liposuction.

Melting the fat cells using laser rays and removing them from the body is called Laser Liposuction.

Pre-operative examinations and analysis tests determine whether the person’s health problems prevent the operation. and the necessary treatments are performed before the surgery.

There will be no incision in the liposuction operation. So the scars are only in the thickness of liposuction cannulae which is 3-4 mm.

The liposuction procedure can be performed to anyone who completes his/her body growth and does not have any health problems that prevent from undergoing the surgery.

The necessary physical and anesthesia examinations should be performed before the operation and all details about the operation should be shared with the patient. The patient should inform the doctor about the diseases he/she has and the medicines he/she uses. the patient shouldn’t take any Blood thinner and the like at least 1 week before the operation because it might cause bleeding problems during the operation.

The operation duration change depending on the amount of fat to be taken from the body. It takes between 1-2 hours under general anesthesia.

Staying in the hospital after the procedure is mostly related to the general condition of the patient. İn case of small and simple operation like the patient may be discharged on the same day after a period of rest. But in case of performing liposuction on a big area, the liposuction performed under general anesthesia and the patient should stay for 1 night at the hospital at least.