Every woman wants to look beautiful therefore women are getting more interested in aesthetic operations as time goes by, Vaginal aesthetic operations first started in America and spread all over the world very quickly and becomes  trend operations among women. The most demanding type of vaginal aesthetics is Labiaplasty surgery. According to the researches, vaginoplasty and labioplasty are the most increasing operations among all aesthetic surgeries. The operation of correcting saggy, asymmetrical or large inner and outer lips of vagina is called Labiaplasty operation.

The abnormal size of the lips in the genital area leads to some difficulties in regard to hygienic, sport activities and sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty operation provide proper shape to vagina by correcting the abnormal size, asymmetricity and shrinking the inner lips, At the same time, the loss of size and elasticity that occurs in case of large vaginal lips due to tissue loss can be corrected by transferring fat from other part of body or by fillers.

What are the problems caused by large vaginal lips?

One of the most important problems caused by large, saggy asymmetric vaginal lips is the negative effect on women psyche in additional to keeping the vaginal area moist which lead to hygiene problems.

Women who are unsatisfied with their genital organ appearance feel diffident about their sexual life. Especially the large, saggy and asymmetrical being of vaginal lips for young girls after puberty, it affects their psyche negatively.

Large or saggy vaginal lips may make it difficult for the penis to enter the vagina during sexual intercourse and they may also make the sexual intercourse painful. Women with large or saggy vaginal lips may feel uncomfortable in their daily activities. They hesitate to wear swimwear, bikinis, tight underwear, spandex or tight pants.

All these problems can be solved and the vagina can get its proper form in a short time by undergoing Labiaplasty (genital aesthetic) surgery which is frequently performed recently.

Why does vaginal lips shape change over time?

Some women may have some deformations in vaginal lips as a result of rapid hormonal changes after puberty. Common vaginal infections, which become chronic, can trigger discoloration and structural defects in the vaginal lips.

Asymmetric vaginal lips are often congenital, but this asymmetry may become more obvious after puberty,

However, frequent weight gain and loss, giving birth can affect the fat tissue in the genital region, which may lead to sagging in the outer lips.

Before Labiaplasty operation

Operation can be performed under either local or general anesthesia depending on patient preference, the decision about the procedures will be performed is taken during the physical examination before the operation.

Patient should inform the doctor about all diseases she has, medications she uses in detail and the appropriate precautions should be taken. Since the blood thinner-derived drugs used may lead to bleeding problems, they should be kept under the doctor control at least for 5 days before operation.

Patient can come to hospital and have the necessary tests before the operation on the same day. The pre-operation tests and anesthesia examinations determine the suitability of patient for the operation

How is Labiaplasty performed?

The operation takes about 60 minutes, this period differ depending on the procedures will be performed, operation can be performed under either local or general anesthesia and its performed In a sterile operating room.

During the operation, large and sagging inner lips size is reduced by applying special techniques and large lips that have lost size are regain its size by fat transfer or fillers.

Period after Labiaplasty operation

The patient can be discharged and go back to her daily life right after the operation, but patients who had the operation under general anesthesia should be kept under control in hospital for one night.

Sexual intercourse should be avoided for an average of 3 weeks postoperatively.

It is recommended not to take a shower for the first 2 days after surgery. After the 2 days its recommended to take shower while standing for 10 days.

The doctor will explain the personal hygiene ways in detail, also patient should follow the doctor’s recommendations very carefully in order to avoid possible infection problems after surgery.

Since the stitches will be absorbed by the body, the stitches do not have to be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does The Surgery Leave Any Scars?

After the surgery, the stitches are absorbed by the body.

After the healing process, there is not going to be any scars from the surgery left.

  • Are Vaginal Surgeries Painful?

Vaginal surgeries are not very painful surgeries. With the analgesics recommended by your doctor, you can get through this process very comfortably and there will be no visible scars after the surgery.

  • What are the benefits of Labiaplasty

In people who need labiaplasty, the inner lip areas are usually longer in size than normal, which affects both sexual and daily life. Besides, long inner lips cause permanent dampness around the genital area of the person and this may cause serious hygiene problems. Permanent and recurrent fungal problems might occur as a result of this. However, after the surgery, because the dampness will be reduced, the hygiene problem will also be removed.

  • Do Labiaplasty Surgeries Reduce Sensitivity During Sexual Intercourse?

Labiaplasty operations have no negative impact. In fact, because the person will become psychologically more self-confident, their sexuality problems will also be eliminated.

  • Can women who have not given birth before have this surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery is an operation that is independent of birth or sexual activity and it does not matter whether the person is single or married, has given birth before or not.

  • Can virgin women have labiaplasty?

In labiaplasty operations, the inner lips are minimized and the outer lips are given a shape. The surgery is not relevant to virginity as the operation is carried out around an area remote to the hymen.

  • When does a person who had a vaginal surgery get back to their daily life.

There are varieties of vaginoplasty operations such as labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, intervention to the outer lips. If the patient did not undergo a vaginal tightening, the patient may return to her sexual life a week later. However, if a vaginal tightening is performed the patient may have to avoid sexual intercourse because the healing process will be around 3 weeks.

  • Are there any non-surgical treatments as an alternative to Labiaplasty?

Alternative methods of labiaplasty treatment are available, which are tightening and reduction performed either with laser or with ultrasonic waves. These can be used in patients with very small lips, but none of these methods are as effective as surgical methods.

  • How long is the healing process after the surgery?

The patient can return to her daily life a few days after the Labiaplasty surgery.

  • What procedures are applied alongside Labiaplasty

In labiaplasty operations, filling or vaginal tightening can be performed to the outer lips depending on the wishes of the patients. But Labiaplasty can also be applied alone.