General Information

Each person, each body is special. We plan all our surgeries specifically for every single patient. So we invite all of our patients to the examination. You will have detailed information about all the questions that you have in mind during the examination and will share your expectations and requests and decide on the most suitable techniques for you.

Our examinations are by appointment, please make an appointment before the day you want to visit us. If you would like to cancel your appointment or change your date for any reason, please let us know at least one day in advance.

Surgical prices vary depending on your body characteristics, procedures to be performed, and many other factors. You will receive detailed information about the price and payment options after your detailed examination.

To the attention of the patients who will come to be operated from abroad!

While planning your trip for the operation, you should consider:

  • Date of your arrival to İstanbul
  • Date of your examination
  • Date of your surgery
  • Your duration of stay in hospital
  • Your post-operation travel time

Before planning your trip, you will receive professional help from our expert advisors for operation planning. You need to inform us after you decide about your examination and surgery date at least 1 week before you plan your visit in order to organize the surgery and the hospital reservation.

The use of aspirin and similar blood thinners should be discontinued at least 1 week before the operation. For women patients; the operation day should not coincide with the menstrual period.

It is important to have a relative or friend with you to support you in the process.

According to the following table; operations, the duration of stay in the hospital and in Turkey is presented. We recommend for you to get flexible return tickets in case you have an extension in your recovery process.

If you prefer us to arrange your hotel reservation, VIP airport transfer and city tour services, please contact us at least 10 days before arrival date.


SurgeryDuration of Staying at Hotel(Day)Duration of Staying in Hospital(Day)
Breast Enlargement22
Tummy Tuck42
Nose Correction41
Eye Bag Removment11
Ear Correction11
Eyelid Surgery11
Skin Cancer22
Secondary (Revision) Rhinoplasty51
Cleft Palate34
Cleft Lip21
Breast Lift21
Breast Reduction22


For more information and reservation, please contact with us..