Conchae Bullosa Surgery

The conchae are structures in the nose that are surrounded by rich vessels. The conchae allow the air breathed in to be warm, as the air proceeds to the lungs. Over time, the size of the conchae might grow or shrink. If these growths and shrinkages cause discomfort, it can be fixed with a conchae bullosa surgery.

Curvatures on the nose cartilage cause blockage in the passage of one side of the nose, and an enlargement in the other. The conchae grow and enlarge to better regulate the air in the enlarged side of the nose. Enlarged conchae (conchae bulllosa) can cause problems such as snoring, breathing difficulty and sleeping with the mouth open.

The conchae can also shrink and become narrow depending on certain allergic situations.

The conchae are a part of the defence mechanism of the body. Therefore, taking the conchae out with a surgical operation will not be solve the general problem. In problems like shortness of breath, snoring and breathing difficulty, the best thing to do is to find out the underlying cause of the problem and removing it. These causes might be allergies, traumas, cruvatures on the cartilages etc.

Conchae bullosa surgery is carried out under local or general anesthesia and takes approximately half an hour.