Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment Hidradenitis suppurativa is a long-lasting skin disease with small, painful tubers under the skin. They are usually characterized by inflammatory currents that are just below the skin. It mostly develops in body parts such as underarms, groin and breasts. The tubers can also move in the form of tunnels beneath the skin [...]

Breast Lifting

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Breast Lifting Breasts are one of the most important elements of motherhood and femininity in the female body. With the effect of gravity on the breasts, they lose weight and lose their old volume over time due to many reasons such as weight gain, aging, and breastfeeding. Women are very sensitive to sagging, softening and [...]

Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast Reduction Surgery Breast is an organ which is the symbol of “fertility, femininity, and motherhood have and has an important place in the social identity of women. Apart from its appearance, breasts which are also important in function such as breastfeeding can vary in size and shape in every woman. Nowadays, breast reduction surgery [...]


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Labiaplasty Every woman wants to look beautiful therefore women are getting more interested in aesthetic operations as time goes by, Vaginal aesthetic operations first started in America and spread all over the world very quickly and becomes  trend operations among women. The most demanding type of vaginal aesthetics is Labiaplasty surgery. According to the researches, [...]

Vaginal Tightening

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Vaginal Tightening One of the fastest developing options of cosmetic surgery is genital area aesthetic surgery. There are many names to describe the operations performed. One of the most common terms is vaginoplasty, ie vaginal rejuvenation or constriction. Vaginoplasty or Vaginal constriction, in Turkish, to restore the vagina, whose structure changes depending on age or [...]

Breast Implant Costs

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Breast Implant Costs Due to several reasons such as technological developments, globalisation and the increase in the number of doctors and hospitals, the current prices for a breast implant are much more affordable than it was before. Until the last 10 years, breast implant only appealed to people with high income levels due to high [...]


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Epicanthus Epicanthus or epicanthal fold is a semi-lunar fold of skin at the inner part of the eyes, known as medial canthus, or the increased amount of folds inside the eyelid. Epicanthus might occur as a result of the muscles around the eyes being excessively strong, or due to defects in the structure of the [...]

Nasal Reduction

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Nasal Reduction Nose, when looked at from across the face, covers one-thirds of the area between the hairline an the tip of the chin. When looked at from the side, it should be in proportion with the forehead and chin. This proportion varies depending on genetic feautres and different geographical reasons. So, it would not [...]

Nasal Hump Removal Surgery

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Nasal Hump Removal Surgery The arched nose is a common nose type around the world. According to researches, most patients who want to have a nose-job suffer from the nasal hump. If the nasal hump in the nose is too much, the nose will have a bent-down shape. If the nasal hump is low, then [...]

Conchae Bullosa Surgery

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Conchae Bullosa Surgery The conchae are structures in the nose that are surrounded by rich vessels. The conchae allow the air breathed in to be warm, as the air proceeds to the lungs. Over time, the size of the conchae might grow or shrink. If these growths and shrinkages cause discomfort, it can be fixed [...]