Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

Breasts are one of the most important elements of motherhood and femininity in the female body. With the effect of gravity on the breasts, they lose weight and lose their old volume over time due to many reasons such as weight gain, aging, and breastfeeding. Women are very sensitive to sagging, softening and deformation. Seeing the deformity of their previously alive and upright breasts adversely affects the psychology of women and this leads them to seek a solution. At the same time, too large breasts cause sagging. For this reason, individuals may want to restore sagging breasts. Breast lift operation allows the breast to be recovered and breast reduction as desired by the patient. Breast lift surgery is a healthy method in this respect.

3 states of the breast;

  • For non-sagging breasts: the nipple is above the nipple line.
  • Slightly sagging breast: For slightly sagging breasts, the nipple is aligned with the nipple line
  • Sagging breast: In sagging breasts, the nipple is below the nipple line.

Breast lift creams, instruments, and massages cannot really provide breast lift. The only solution to the sagging breast is breast lift surgery.

Before Breast Lifting Surgery

The patient who wants to have breast lift surgery is examined before. The location of the nipple and the amount of mammary gland are examined during the examination. New locations and dimensions are determined by taking measurements

The extent of sagging of the breast, the size, the amount of mammary gland, the expectations of the patient and the decision to be made with the advice of the doctor and planning is done

Detailed information should be given to the physician about the pre-operative disease, the drugs used and the previous surgeries and necessary precautions should be taken for these. For example, blood thinner-derived drugs used should be discontinued at least 5 days before surgery because they can cause bleeding problems during and after surgery.

How is breast lifting surgery performed?

These surgeries are usually used in case of sagging only without excess or scarcity of breast tissue.

In this technique, the breast tissue is kept alive and transported to the area where the nipple should be, at the same time the surrounding tissues are collected and given the ideal breast shape.

The techniques to be applied in breast erection vary according to the amount of sagging.

If there is a slight sag; With a small incision just around the nipple, the chest can be made perpendicular. Here, the breast tissue is collected from the nipple and hung upwards.

If there is more sagging; As both the connective tissue that holds the breast and the tissue of the milk glands will be thinner and sagged more, the incision will be made down to the tip of the breast. After the tissues recover, the nipple hanging upwards. Since aesthetic stitches are used during these procedures, it becomes a thin white and streaky scar in the long term after surgery.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia within 1-2 hours.

Period After Surgery

The patient stays in the hospital for one night after surgery. During this period, there is a comfortable postoperative period with no pain and abnormal pain.

Breast lift surgery does not interfere with movement, the patient can stand up and walk a few hours after surgery. A drain is often used to prevent subsequent bleeding problems during breast lift surgery. These drains are usually removed by the physician on the 2nd after surgery day.

During the operation Since the self-melting seams are used, the seams do not have to be removed after the procedure.

The patient returns to normal life within 1 week by making necessary dressings

The first 6 weeks should be worn a bra suggested by the doctor. After the first 3 weeks, athletic bras without ballets can be worn.

After the breast lift surgery, the traces are often seen as a line perpendicular to the nipple. These traces may remain more or less vague depending on the genetic structure of the person.

Will there be sagging again after a breast lift?

One of the issues that some patients wonder about who want to have breast lift surgery is whether the breast will sag again after performing the breast lift operation. Especially pregnancy or very serious weight changes may cause re-sagging after breast lift operation. For this reason, breast lift surgery can be performed when patients decide not to give birth to children. In addition, patients should pay attention to weight gain and weight loss in order to avoid sagging problem after breast lift operation.

Breastfeeding After Surgery

Breasts usually sag due to weight loss and breastfeeding after birth. Therefore, women usually perform breast lifting surgery after birth. However, for women who will return to breastfeeding after surgery, this surgery does not prevent breastfeeding. The canals are completely preserved, especially in those who have undergone almost no tissue removed during surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the breasts hang?

Pregnancy, excessive and rapid weight gain, advanced age, such as genetic factors, breasts may hang.

Is the prosthesis used in the chest? Is it just enough to lift up?

The use of prosthesis varies depending on the patient's chest structure and size. If there is no excessive sagging and the size of the breast tissue is suitable for the use of prostheses, a certain erosion will be achieved with the use of prosthesis only. However, in patients with significantly reduced breast volume, only uplift may not be sufficient. In this case, both uplift and silicone prosthesis may provide volume gain in the same operation.

Do you have milking problems after breast lift surgery?

After breast lift surgery, the patient can give birth and breastfeed because the surgery won’t harm the milk canals.

How long can I be operated after giving birth?

People may have breast lift surgery at the end of breastfeeding period.

Will be there a loss of sensation after breast lift surgery?

The sensation may decrease in the period after the operation due to surgery and swelling but it returns to normal at the end of the recovery period.  However, there is a small probability to have a loss of sensation when performing breast reduction and breast lifting at the same time.

What are the Breast Lifting Methods?

Breasts may gradually loose and sag due to many factors such as gravity, birth and breastfeeding, weight gain and loss. women who witness these changes in their breasts are adversely affected psychologically, aesthetically and physically overtime and start to look for ways to lift their breasts. Women who avoid surgical operations try to find alternative solutions in the first place. But the only solution to Breast lifting is surgical operation.

Women have tried many different methods to lift their breasts so far, Manufacturers who know that women are sensitive about their breasts have produced many false breast lifting products and services with misleading advertisements and promotions. In addition to being the definitive solution for breast lift, these products and services adversely affects women both financially and healthily, beside that they are not the exact solution for their problems.

Shortly Breast lifting is not possible without surgery, thats why, it would be better for women with sagging breasts, to consult a plastic surgeon instead of resorting to other ways and decide the most appropriate treatment for themselves, this will be much more better for them both financially and healthily.

Breast lift surgery performed by an experienced plastic surgeon gives a very satisfying results.

Is it possible for breasts to sag again after breast lift surgery?

In case of pregnancy or major weight gain or loss after the Breast lift operation breasts might sag again.

Is it possible to perform other surgeries combined with Breast lifting?

Depending on the patient needs another interventions can be performed on different parts of the body during the operation.

What affects the cost of breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery costs vary depending on the procedures will be performed. Firstly, Breast reduction and lifting without placing implants or Breast lifting without reduction,This is the most cost-effective surgery.

Secondly: placing an implant beside of Breast lifting in order to provide certain size for breasts. The cost of this surgery is more costly than the first one.

When can return to my daily life?

After applying  wound dressing for a few days  after breast lift operation, patient can return to their daily life within a week. İts recommended for patient to avoid heavy movements and exercises for the first 3 weeks.

How long is the corset worn after surgery?

At the end of the operation, the patient is worn a special medical corset. This corset does not restrict the patients’ movements and it is recommended to be worn for 6 weeks after operation. However patient can wear a normal bra after two weeks.

Is there an age limit for breast lift surgery?

Every female have completed her body growth and does not have health problems that prevent her from having the surgery can undergo a Breast lift surgery.

Will be there a permanent scars after breast lift surgery?

There will be scars after each surgical operation. However, these scars will significantly lose its visibility within 6-12 months and take the form of a thin white line if the patient follows the doctors’ recommendations.

Is breast lifting possible without surgery?

The sagging connective tissues due to weight loss and gain or aging can not take back its old form by using cream, gel etc…, and Even if there is some benefit of the exercises performed for Breast lifting, the only and definitive method to tighten sagging breasts is lifting them surgically.

How long do breast lift operations take?

Breast lift operation performed under general anesthesia takes 2-3 hours depending on breast structure.

What should be considered before and after breast lift surgery?

A detailed physical examination should be performed before breast lift surgery and doctor should tell the patient about all the details. Postoperative painkillers and other medicines should be used Regularly, also wound dressings should be used carefully,  Long walks and exercises that tire the arms should be avoided in the first week.

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