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Shapes of breast implants

Breast implant shapes separate into two groups which are round and teardrop breast implants.These implants produced in many different sizes.

Usually patients want to have a breast augmentation surgery decide at the end of their researches to teardrop as it is thought be the best and the most natural implant. But it’s not right to say that one of the implants is better than the other while comparing the two implants. The important thing here is which implant is more suitable for the patient. This decision can be made during the examination. 

Teardrop Implant

It has been named by teardrop because of its shape that looks like a teardrop. Its lower part has a higher degree of fullness compared to the upper. It also has a structure that extends downward when viewed from the side which make it look too similar to the natural breast. Teardrop implants are the most preferred implants.

Woman's breast structure and shape are not the same. That's why the breast implants which are used for each woman differ. Teardrop implants has a structure that extends downward with a higher degree of fullness in the lower part. That's why its preferred for woman who have enough fullness in the upper part. On the contrary the teardrop implats are not preferred by woman who dress decollete and low-cut because it doesn't fill the upper side of breasts. 

The patient’s shoulder width, rib cage dimensions and breast anatomical measurements should be considered while choosing the teardrop implant. With these measurements, different implant selection can be made for each patient. 

Round Implants

As it is understood from its name it’s round-shaped implants. The implant’s fullness evenly distributed over all sides of implant. This kind of implants usually preferred by patients who have a small amount of breast tissues in the lower part of breast. The used round implants give the same natural look that the teardrop implants provide. It also provides the desired decollete view by filling the upper part of breasts.

There is also a new type of implants that started to produced recently called ergonomic implant. This type of implant mimics the movements of real breast tissue. The fullness of implant move downward while standing due to gravity. While laying down it takes the shape of round implant and spread as the real breast does. 

Teardrop or round implant should be used in breast augmentation operation?

There are some parameters that help with taking the right decision about the shape of implant will be used in the breast augmentation surgery. The current breast size, fullness, skin and muscles state, slackness and the patient’s preference must be considered while choosing the implants shape.The teardrop implant will not meet the desired results of the patients who dont have enough tissues and want to dress decollete and low-cut. 

At the same time a round implant placed into a woman without breast might be an obstacle to get the desired natural appearance. Therefore the examinations before the operation are very important. The decision about the most suitable implant for the patient must be taken by an experienced surgeon. 

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Breast implants should be placed under or over the muscles?

Breast tissues, fat tissues and breast features are different for each woman who wants to have a breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, the method changes from one woman to another.

Breast implants can be placed over or under muscles. However each way has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Breast implants are placed over the muscle for people who have adequate breast tissues. In the contrary breast implants placed under muscle for people who have thin and inadequate breast skin and subcutaneous tissue in order to reduce the contact of implants with skin.

Under-muscle placed implant provide coverage of soft tissues between skin and implant. So, it reduces deformities in the skin and the visibility of implant, preventing capsule formation.

In case of over-muscle implant placement, the pain after operation will be too slight in comparison with the pain after under-muscle implant placement. The patient can move her arms comfortably and return to her daily life without any problems.

There might be some pains and limitation of motion due to muscle tension at under-muscle implant placement for the first week. However, patient can overcome this period comfortably by taken painkillers. It’s more difficult to sense the under-muscle placed implants by manual examination that’s why it provide a more natural view. 

After explaining all these details to the patient it will be hard for her to make the right decision about the implant type and the placement method. Therefore the guidance of an experienced surgeon can help to take the right decision easily.

Wonders After Silicone Breast Implants Surgery

One of the most wondered topics after breast implant operation is capsule formation. The capsule formation is the reaction of the body to foreign objects taken from outside and putted into human body surgically. However, it is a normal and mostly expected situation after breast augmentation surgeries. Body forms a membrane layer around the implant. This layer has no harm to implant or body. But some bodies show overreaction to foreign materials which lead to capsular contracture. Abnormal capsular contracture compresses the breast implant and start distorting its shape. In these cases the formed capsule must be extracted surgically.  

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