Arm Lift Surgery

Arms are one of the most important aesthetic measures of the body. The sagging and loosening around here will cause the person to look old and unhealthy. Deformations in this region can be corrected by arm lifting surgery.

Why Arms Sag ?

Fast weight loss, such as heavy diets and stomach reduction, will cause sagging in the arms as well as in the whole body. In addition, some environmental or hereditary causes such as aging, excessive exposure to sunlight, sagging in the arms may occur.This situation creates an image that is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also affects the psychology of the person negatively. 

Before Arm Lifting Surgery

As with all operations, detailed medical examination should be performed and all details should be explained to the patient.

However, the patient should also inform the physician about all the conditions of the disease, the medication he / she uses, etc.

A 6-hour fasting process is necessary before the surgery as it is prepared for all operations requiring general anesthesia during arm lifting surgery.

In order to minimize the risk of bleeding, patients who use blood thinners vs drugs before surgery should take a break from these medications.

How is Arm Lifting Surgery Done?

Arm lifting surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and sometimes by local anesthesia. It takes between 1-3 hours. In very severe sagging and lubrication, the patient can stay in the hospital one day. In cases where skin quality is good and there is no sagging, liposuction is sufficient only when fat accumulation is high. However, if there is skin sagging with excess fat tissue, lifting surgery is required.

After Surgery

Rubber drains can be placed in this area to prevent postoperative bleeding and fluid accumulation. They are withdrawn after 2-3 days at most. It is recommended that the arms are kept high especially in the first days after surgery.

Printed bandage is applied to reduce swelling, edema and bleeding which may occur in the operation area. There are usually no stitches to be taken.

The postoperative period does not have any pain or is negligible. If pain is existent, pain relievers will suffice. The return to normal life is within a few days.

In the first few weeks there is a comfortable post-op period except that the exercises are avoided.

Results of Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

For a long lasting result, you will have to follow some procedure. You will get smoother, tighter contours that will show almost immediately, you will feel more self-confident and more youthful than have felt for a long time.

So it is essential to the success of your operation to follow your surgeon instruction carefully.
You will be given medications to help the healing process. Always get in touch with us whenever you have any specific concerns.

Scars After Surgery

In all surgical operations, there is some scarring in the area of ​​surgery. These marks become pale in time and close to the skin color and are not very disturbing. In addition, these tracks are located in hideable places of the body. In arm lifting operations, these signs are left in the inner arm section.


Arm lifting surgery can be performed alone or combined with other body stretching operations. For example, abdominoplasty, leg lifting, face lift etc. besides, it can be combined with breast aesthetics.If there is a surplus in the amount of fat in the arm stretching aesthetic, this process can be added to the liposuction with cannulas. In this way, both the subcutaneous fat tissue is more thinner and more skin can be removed.

It may be difficult for the patient to lift his/her arms in the first week after the surgery, this difficulty is decreased day after day and the patient will be able to move his arms comfortably after a period of 1-3 weeks depending on the structure of his/her body.

The patient can stand on his/her feet and move normally on the same day after surgery, but there will be a slight tingling in the first week, this period can be comfortably overcomed by taking painkillers.

The type of anesthesia to be used is defined after examining the patient, arm lift surgeries oftenly performed under general anesthesia.

The elasticity of the patient’s body greatly affects the outcome of the arm lifting surgery, during the operation the arms are lifted in the most appropriate form, still significantly weight gain and loss after the surgery can lead to arms sagging again.

Small surgical drains are placed in the arms to overcome bleeding problems after surgery, so it is better to stay one night in the hospital after surgery to supervise the surgical drains and the effects of general anesthesia.

the side effects and risks of arm lift are low if compared with other surgeries, still there are some risks arised from anesthesia and surgical  operation . If  patinet takes the doctor’s  instructions into consideration, he/she can overcome the recovery period without any problems.

The arm lift is usually performed to remove the  formed sagging in due to aging or excess weight loss. The minimum age to undergo an arm lift surgery is 18 but there is no upper age limit to undergo arm lift surgery as long as there are no health problems preventing the patient from undergoing surgery .

The arm lift takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on the level of sagging.